Written on April 5th 2016


Praise the Lord I'm finally finished with my antibiotics! It seems like I've been on them for ever. The good news out of all this is now that the sinus infection seems to be over my headaches are less and my migraine medication is back on track!  If I don't have them consistently maybe I can actually get some writing done now??? At least let's hope so! In other news yesterday I applied for my passport! Yay me !  so you know what this means #HEARTIES you may have some company if we end up having a second reunion in Canada!... Yes I know I'm a #HEARTIES and  have been for a long time but I am also #FansofBeilevePictures so if or when a reunion happens, and I am accepted to go, I will have a dual identity. :-) I've already talked it over with my parents and we  have decided I am going to go even if I can't do some of the activities .There's always sightseeing, or writing to busy myself with. I'd rather go and have the once-in-a-lifetime experience then not go at all. I really feel guilty about not submitting my    information last year to possibly go. I won't let that happen again if the opportunity arises if I'm able to go and no matter what I'm able to do or not do I will still be crossing a lot of things off my bucket list! :-) and if you read my blog at all you pretty much have figured out what those things are already !