Written on March 28 2016 Sorry about the end of the blog don't know why it does that sometimes.



Hi everyone!  I realize it's been a super long time since I've written last. I apologize, things have been really busy. First I went on a two-week vacation ,while on vacation I was sick with a bad sinus infection..still wasn't feeling well by the time I came home and realized I had come down with a very severe sinus infection which led to bronchitis which led to flaring up my asthma which I normally do not have anymore pretty much since my childhood. So yes I have been feeling under the weather for about a month I am finally back on track and feeling well ! Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers during this time.

Fans of believe pictures news

I'm sorry because of me being under the weather I've been terribly neglectful of my articles this season but rest assured I will catch up and you will get your discussion articles! :-) As far as the fans of believe pictures Facebook group I could not be happier! We are turning into one big happy family. I have been on there more than anything even during vacation. :-) What  can I say it's one of my favorite places to be talking to all of you. We are nearing 500 members and that makes me so excited especially since we don't always have contest or different activities on our page. I try my best, but all that can be very difficult when you're just one person. I have to say this though I am grateful for all of you who are willing to start your own conversations on fan art and other activities on the page so it never seems quiet even when I am working. Being an author who owns her own company has its advantages, it means I can have your page up all day long and if I'm not doing anything I will join in conversation with you even if it's just a quick hello. We have had a few contests this week which was my first time really doing much but I'm excited to say that it has added many more members to our group that we can now become friends with. That makes me think of the point of family TV in the first place getting together. I think of this as our virtual dinner table. :-)

In other fans of believe pictures news

I want to say thank you to Brian Bird for signing my “Captive”DVD jacket for me, it now hangs in my office below the script I received a few  Christmases ago. In related news, I recently won a Hearties  contest on the Hearties page! :-) it was a slogan contest to get one of the magazines from Soap Opera Digest that the cast members signed. My first #HEARTIES contest I've ever won and I've been on the #HEARTIES page since they started out at five hundred people….I was so excited I couldn't even believe my eyes! So this too will go on my wall next to the rest of my autographs for inspiration as I work on my novel. :-) I want to thank the #HEARTIES Admins. who do all the hard work that they do getting  contests -togethers etc. I know how hectic and busy  life can be the #HEARTIES are lucky to have you ! Also I wanted to thank you for letting us help and participate in your trending activities! :-) I know as a hearty I would normally be doing it anyway but I've been encouraging my group to join you as well so I hope this helps. It's been exciting to watch as you the Hearties have trended and broken records every week! I couldn't be happier to be a part of that.

Fans of believe pictures group latest information.

Okay here's the deal .We are getting a lot more members and fast, this is a good thing but I want to make sure that you all have your information so you can share it with others as well pass on the word. We have a Twitter, we have a Facebook group, we have a website ,we have a Pinterest, and we have a YouTube... Well almost I'm still fixing that youtube page as we speak, so I haven't given you guys the link for that yet. If you cannot find the link for any of these things please feel free to ask me at anytime I'm willing to help you find it. Also if you are having a mixed #HEARTIES party with fans of believe pictures members we want to see your photos! Please feel free to put them on the Facebook page at any time and you may be asked if it's okay to use your photographs for the website. You can say no it's not mandatory. :-) also if there's a group of people from Fans of believe pictures group near you?don't be afraid to get together .I do with my friends occasionally but we haven't been able to get together lately ,hopefully I will see them soon. If you want to get together with a group of people from Fans of believe  pictures or find out if people live near you go ahead and ask them. When you decide to get together post in the Fantastic times discussion area,if you don't know where that is please ask and I will find it for you. You will see me post from time to time in the Fantastic times area either that or I will let you know that I did on the main wall.

My work

Since I'm an author and I have a gift store I travel to craft shows around the cities so I will post those when I have one so that  if you are nearby you can come and meet me in person. I like to talk about fans of believe  pictures even when I'm out at these vendors events . It would be great to see any of you! So far I don't have any shows coming up this summer is usually really quiet for me it is fall and winter that I do some of these events.

Contest time on fans believe pictures.

I really put my thinking cap on lately and I've come up with some great contest ideas well at least I hope you guys think they're great. :-) anyway once we get finish with the 500-member challenge contest there are more coming not a lot but at least a few. Can't wait to share those with you down the road! What is it I said on the Facebook group last week?... The Hearties have their crayons and I have my technology lol! :-) you know party admins one of these days we should get together by get together I mean online of course! but we should get together and put our thinking caps on and maybe do a joint contest just a thought.

Artistic fun

Well I have some awesome news which maybe you've heard it already especially if you're on my private Facebook but I got the camera I've been saving up for for 6 months! I've been wanting this particular type of camera for years actually but only decided to put my foot down on my budget and save to get one especially since I'm going to Walnut Grove to see Karen Grassley this summer. I wanted to make sure that I had a good camera this time that would cause problems so poor people waiting behind me would not have to wait another second. I know how it feels to be a superfan from time to time even though I tried to remain and have some professionalism about me sometimes it's hard. :-) anyway I digress and if you want to hear about the camera I think I've written about it on and off so check back in the Box. :-) so I thought if I'm going to get a decent camera that I am going to learn how to use it. Well I shouldn't say learn... I do know how to use the camera for the most part, I did take photography classes in college. but the thing is  I'm disabled and my hands don't work the way I like them too. Holding the camera so It doesn't fall ,not dropping the camera. not breaking the camera within the first few days of owning it holding a camera is impossible for me ! why do I like photography ? When I look up and see something new I see something different that people around me don't see. Sometimes not always but sometimes I like to think outside the box so it's frustrating when I can't take pictures of something I see that I like. Well I think I might have solved this problem over Easter weekend my family and I sat down after dinner and looked through things online adaptive technology for cameras and such. I found something, the type of camera mount for my camera . I'm excited to get it. It's durable, made by a photography company who does adaptive technology ,so I hope it works. Not everything that's says it's handicap accessible were made for a disabled person means it's automatically going to work for that particular person that buys it. Everybody's disability is a little different so I'm excited at the prospect of this working but it doesn't mean it will ,so pray it does! I'd love to finally be able to take the pictures I see in my mind when I see a certain site or something happen that needs to be frozen in a moment for all to see. I'm not saying I'm the greatest photographer in the world ,and I don't know if I ever will be, but if I don't try I won't know it all.

The second piece of this great news can't come without the first that's why the long explanation I do photo art kind of like people that do the fan art that you see on our page just for an example. I'm self-taught since 2004 and I've done photo art since then but I haven't done much of it. Being a writer takes up a lot of my time  & I do the Fans of believe pictures page in my free time, because I want to  feel awareness and family television is very important to all of us! When I'm not doing these things I'm usually with family and friends. Some of you have mentioned my fan art on the Fans of believe pictures Facebook page from time to time and I want to thank you for your very kind words and Mr. Byrd for being so gracious to let me use his wonderful pictures. I just realized a few months ago, though I really wanted the photos to be my photos, it's never been my photos that I have done . I love seeing what other people see through the lens but I want to see what's through the lens for myself, I hope this camera will be plenty more than just wants. that's my hope for it anyway... we'll see what God has planned. I also was hoping this would help me create more of my own covers when it comes to my novels, the price of stock photos and some friends that are good photographers but like I said sometimes I just want it to be my photo.

Walk of faith LLC news

We had a total of 6 new members on our Facebook page or Bookmark Facebook page to be exact this week! It's nice to have you and I hope you are enjoying the shopping. :-) We have a new store in case you hadn't noticed. Things are a little different on every one of my pages, which is the Walk of Faith LLC main page and walk of Faith LLC bookmark page. We had to make a page just strictly for the bookmarks because that's what people would look for most of the time so that's why there's 2 different ones but they belong to the same company. :-) anyway we have a new store! You go on our main page or our Facebook page that says shopping or shop now and it will bring you to our store .We have created different sections like a regular store now so you can go straight to what you're looking for other than looking through hundreds of pictures like you did on the bookmark page when you first started out. If any of you have any questions at any time please just message me on one of those pages! We are looking forward to serving you in this new organized way. :-)

Here is the link directly to our store in case you don't want or are not fans of our Facebook page or pages but you should be! :-) ;-) to keep referring back to the link maybe even bookmark the page. :-)


Several of you from the Fans of believe pictures page have wanted me to ado contest for an autograph novel or something similar from me I had told you that I was not comfortable doing this on our page  because they are not directly related. However I did create a contest and put it on my personal page as well as the Walk of Faith LLC Facebook pages.  Unfortunately it's a little late for yours  tomorrow at midnight but if I am asked again I just may create another contest down the road so just so you know don't be afraid to ask. :-) thank you for all those who have entered this particular contest and thank you for the support is always appreciated.

  • Well I know that's a lot of information at one time but it's been a long time since I've written to you guys and I again apologize for the long wait. I promise you will get your discussion article for the fans of believe pictures people. I'm working on another one tomorrow as we speak. I hope you are enjoying our different format this year. I haven't really heard much feedback .Don't Be afraid even if you don't like it let me know. We're always looking to tweek the article format until we find just the right one. Anyway I'm headed off to bed so have a good night everyone and maybe I'll even write again tomorrow. :-) I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!