Written on March 30th 2016





My heart broke to Pieces yesterday when I heard of Patty Duke's death. As many as you have seen from my previous articles and or blogs classic television is something that I hold very dear and Patty Duke was a part of that whole experience I enjoyed as a child at my grandmother's house. She always had the old movies sitting around that we could play in the VCR and my mother knew they were safe for us to watch. My heart goes out to the Duke Family and friends as they grieve their loss.

Some artistic fun

Those of you who have read my previous blog as of late I talked about getting my new camera and why that was so important to me. I'm excited to report that I now have the equipment so I run that camera myself . 500 members and Counting!!

Congratulations to member Kimberly who won the  500 member challenge drawing ! We are now beyond the 500-member point I am proud to announce we are officially 506 members. If we keep this up before we know it we will be at 1000. ;-)

Well I think that's it for tonight everyone I hope everyone has a wonderful night but their families.