May 26th 2016

Here are today's announcement this time there are only a few…

Group question:
What type of contest would you like to see happen in this group or on the website?

 Your fan fiction stories are there a paragraph or one page long are due on June 1st for the fan fiction contest. The winning story will be put on our website and the winner will receive a surprise from  me. Send your entries to with the subject line fan fiction contest. So far no one has entered our fan fiction contest I hope to get your entry soon!

Some of you have stated that you sent the cards for mr. Bird's  birthday project that we did if you have not received a note from me in any manner that means I did not receive your card. We still plan to send the late comers to a designated address so you don't worry that your part in the project will not be received. Please let me know if you sent me something and have not heard from me. This we know how many letters are coming our way. You can email me at: 

Mr. Landon's birthday project has begun if you would like to send a card for us to put in with our package or you would like to contribute to the group gift please email me at with the subject Landon birthday project.

An update all our top secret group project
I've only received a part of the group project from one person so far I hope to see more soon in my mailbox. ;-) if you would like to be a part of our group project and need more information please email me at with  the subject line top secret project. Also if you are new to the group and want to join any of our Projects please email me at with the subject line new member and I will send you a list of our current project and contest. NEW if you have a photograph of you and your family and/or at movie party while watching a believe pictures movie and or show such as Captive or When Calls the Heart and you would like to include that with your part of the project please do so :-)

The vinyl stickers for our cars are here if you're interested in getting one they are $5 each and selling them at cost only and not making any profit. If you would like one please let me know either in the comments underneath these announcements or email me at: 

We received some news this afternoon from Brian bird about the When Calls the Heart store here is the note he left everyone : #Hearties... just a quick update on our #WhenCallstheHeart online store.  Due to some management changes at our vendor, we're having to move the online store to a new service, but the word is it will be BIGGER and BETTER than ever when it relaunches.  Stayed tuned for more information!  

If you have made orders at the store in the last several weeks and have not received your merchandise yet, please send an email to us at: info@mpca and we will follow up on your behalf! 

Thanks once again for all you do to support this show and community.  When Calls the Heart would be not be possible without the Hearties!