Hello Believe Pictures Production Fans!

June 21st, 2014

Note: This was written on Saturday; but due to my busy weekend, I did not get it posted. Sorry about that, hope you all had a wonderful weekend :-)!


Hello Believe Pictures Production Fans !

I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday. You have probably already noticed, or gotten notified by now, I’ve opened up a new discussion event entitled, “The Books That Inspired the Movies / Shows.” I hope you will join this discussion with us, as I will also be discussing the books that inspired many of Believe Pictures movies, including the TV series: “When Calls the Heart.” As many of you know already, I’m an author myself. What many of you don’t know is: I am also a collector of the novels of my favorite authors. Janette Oke is one of the authors that happens to be the inspiration of many Believe Pictures Productions movies/television series, and if not done by Believe Pictures - at least done by its co-founder: Michael Landon Jr. Janette Oke is one of the four people that I’ve looked up to in my career. I have mentioned her before in several of my articles. Even though I do not know her personally, I would be lying if I said that she have not affected my career in many ways. :-)

I had an exciting weekend; I decided to take most of the weekend off and relax a little bit, which for me usually means watching one of my favorite television shows, or maybe a little bit of shopping online. This weekend it happened to be a little bit of both… I went online to one of my favorite used book shops: Abebooks.com, in search of any books from Jannette Oke’s Canadian West Series. Now those of you that know me personally, and there are plenty of you in this group, but I know right now some of you are scratching your heads asking, “Why would you do that when you already have the entire series?” The answer is simple: I would much rather have them in hard-cover. Now you’re just plain out laughing at me, I can see you… Well laugh all you want, because I found a first edition hardcover in mint condition! Even though all I saw was the photograph, it looked to be near perfect; and I’m excited to get it in the mail! Trust me, as soon as I get them - you will see photographs! I found book numbers 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6; so I’m still looking for book four in hardcover in the Canadian West series by Janette Oke, in good condition and a reasonable price, if anyone can find it. I have not read these books since college, so I’m looking forward to taking some down time and actually reading them again. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to find them in audio, except for in cassette tapes (I don’t even have a cassette player anymore) :-( This doesn’t help my aggravation with my dyslexia and my CP in my eyes much, but I WILL persevere somehow -  I always do with God on my side!!  I am determined to read all six! Anyway, let the book discussions begin! Have fun everyone.


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