Amendment to When Calls the Heart: Season 2. Episode 1: Trials of the Heart Part 1 Review

First off, I would like to sincerely apologize: I have made some mistakes in my last review based on some wrong information I received. I was corrected, thankfully, because at the end of my review I asked to be corrected if this information was wrong, and somebody caught it, so thank you, Mr. Bird, for correcting me, and again I apologize. Mr. Landon and Mr. Bird are not just producers of When Calls the Heart Season 2, they are executive producers, which means they oversee the scripts for the show, and I was wrong in saying that their fingerprints are not on the show. After our conversation, I realize that the many changes I’m noticing so far in the new season are more than likely due to the entire team of writers they have brought in which they did not have available to them last season. This is a fan blog, and I always do my best to get my facts straight.