WCTH S2 EP. 1 Part 2

When Calls the Heart Season 2, Episode 1: Trials of the Heart, part 2

When Calls the Heart Season 2, Episode 1: Trials of the Heart, part 2

Note from the blogger:

Some of you may have noticed my amendment note\apology I wrote shortly after I shared my first article for Season 2.  Well, there is something I quickly wanted to add to that then I will drop the subject and not go into it any further: I’m starting to realize that some of the things I said may have come across in a completely different way than they were intended, so I just wanted to apologize one last time. I’m sincerely sorry for any hurt or confusion my words may have caused. This is a fan blog, and I have my ideas and speculation about the season and where it may go; but I do not mean to disrespect anyone.

I made the decision this week, instead of writing an actual article on the second half of the season premiere, to address some of the things that have been discussed on the web about When Calls the Heart, Season 2. After taking several posts and discussions into account - including things from our own Executive Producer, Brian Bird - and after my first article of the season, I was reminded by several people that I like to speculate about what may or may not be coming during the rest of the season. This is true. I am a writer. It’s in my DNA to speculate. Sometimes I do that in my own work as I’m writing. It may or may not go in the direction I’ve speculated. I make a final decision when I get to a certain point. It’s the way I mind-map. :-) I even do that these days when I watch TV shows other than “When Calls the Heart”, but I am not the only one that speculates. In my mind this is part of the fun! But I will also issue this warning of caution - even for myself: sometimes speculation can get out of hand and become like a wildfire that you can’t stop, going in the wrong direction, or taken in a way you didn’t mean it to go. Brian Bird put it this way, “Sometimes what we pick on can turn harpy instead of Heartie.”  Sometimes even I can be like that. And I do apologize for when I am! :-)

It has also been mentioned in several online discussions recently,  that a lot of people are complaining about the hair styles, wardrobe, makeup, etc. It is said that Hallmark and the producers are concerned that the viewers are concentrating too much on the little things rather than the storyline. When I discuss things like hair, wardrobe and makeup in my articles, I also try to discuss the story line to attempt to get a well-rounded point of view and not focus on one thing over the other. If that is not clear, please feel free let me know! My comment box is always open. :-)  

In a recent post on the Hearties page, I understood Mr. Bird to say that their partnership with Hallmark and the improvements they have been making (which they discuss with the producers), were done too hopefully ensure the longevity of the show. I understand having to introduce new characters and new places. I love some of our new character dynamics. I’m starting to really like Leland, although we will have to see how he ends up. Charles is still sketchy to me. I love being in Hamilton, although I miss spending time with our Hope Valley kids. I’m guessing we won’t be seeing a lot of them this season, since we will be spending the majority of our time in Hamilton - based on the summaries I am reading on IMDbPro  (although I have been told to not always trust what is on IMDbPro).

Again it was confirmed to me that Cat Montgomery is not in this season due to scheduling conflicts with other projects. This was confirmed by Executive Producer Brian Bird. The big question is: how will this be explained in the actual story line? Especially if her children are milling about Hope Valley from time to time in new episodes. (We already saw Gabe and Emily.) But I guess we will have to see…

Some people were calling for more romance, and maybe that’s why they have presented Jack and Elizabeth with a more open relationship [in my perception anyway]. This is something that you wouldn’t normally see in 1910, and although I may not agree with that behavior; this has been a decision made by Hallmark and the producers, together, as a way to improve the storyline. Has it improved the storyline? In my personal opinion: it did not need any more romance - it already had its 1910 charm of playing hard to get all last season.  I am trying my hardest not to make any snap judgements on that end of things. If its longevity they want, then I think they were on the right track with adding a new city (Hamilton) and new characters to the storyline.

Let’s talk about Hamilton for a moment. Elizabeth’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thatcher, intrigue me simply because I can’t figure them out. My speculative brain has not really been able to come up with anything except that maybe Charles (Elizabeth’s childhood friend) is willing to do anything for his employer, Elizabeth’s father. The big question I have for him is: is he really who he seems to be? I know he’s Elizabeth’s childhood friend, but I still feel he is a sheep in wolf’s clothing, so to speak. If he is really the wealthy man they make him out to be… coming from money - why would he need to work for Elizabeth’s father? That’s is one of the questions that came up in the Fans of Believe Pictures group this past week, and a good one I should say!

Julie, oh the ever precocious Julie Thatcher! I love you! She finds herself in trouble with Jack’s younger brother.  I personally think they would make a good match - if he can keep himself out of trouble! Which I highly doubt, but we will see. :-)

Jack’s brother! Is he trouble or is he not trouble? That is the question. No, I’m not kidding. That really is the question, but we aren’t really told much more than that, so I guess we have to wait a little longer to find out. :-( He doesn’t really look too much like Jack. Is he a brother or a half brother? Just curious.

Aunt Agatha. Love her! I want to be like her when I grow to be her age! I pray that I am as smart and as knowledgeable as her! I like how she is a counselor to Elizabeth in the second half of the first episode! Let’s face it, we’d all be lucky if we had an Aunt Agatha in our lives!

Viola. Ugh. Talk about your caddy sister. Great. Somebody tell her to loosen up, please! I know that’s her character, who she’s supposed to be; but let me tell you - she sure plays it well! My guess, and my hope, is there’s a back-story behind that one. Part of me feels sorry for Viola. Does anyone else feel that way? I feel like there’s something hurting inside of her. Maybe I’m just overthinking it. I love to overthink things on the Fans of Believe Pictures Facebook page :-)

Okay, so let’s stop and think about Coal Valley for a second (or should I say - Hope Valley, still can’t get used to that name - but I’ll get there! Sorry…)  Who is new to Hope Valley…? Is anybody else having trouble getting used to that name? Like Jack said in the previews for the third episode - it fits. And like Brian Bird said, they tried hard to get a name that would fit the new direction they were headed toward with the Season 2 plot line. At least that’s what he mentioned in his Producer’s Journal. Anyway back on subject: new characters in Coal Valley thus far - oops! There I go again - Hope Valley! :-)

So far in Episode 1, we just have Leland, the guy that opens the sawmill. He prefers to be called Lee at this point and seems to have his sights set on Rosemary. Sigh. Thank goodness for that! :-) She needs somebody in her life that is not Jack! Just my opinion. Do I fully trust him? Not by the end of Episode 1, but we’ll see. Who can blame me for that assumption? He’s talking to Gowen, for Pete’s sake and it almost looks as if they’re going to strike some sort of a deal. As I said, we have plenty more episodes to go - so we will see. He does have a plus on his side: he has Rosemary’s attention!

I saw that some of you noticed that I took last week off and did not write this review. That is partly because so many conversations were coming in online, and I decided that I was enjoying all of them so much on the Fans of Believe Pictures Page, that I wanted to read through them more thoroughly, get your feelings about what is going on with the season so far and make it into an article. This week was also my birthday, as some of you might already know. (By the way - thank you to all who wished me happy birthday!) I had a wonderful week with you on the page discussing the first episode of Season 2, as well as speculating on what might or might not be going on. I hope we can continue to do so. For those of you that are reading this on a website, I hope you will join us on Facebook! The link will be listed below.


By the end of Episode 1, part 2 - the widows won the trial. Abigail met Clara and realized she had a daughter-in-law. The town was renamed Hope Valley. A stranger named Leland comes into town and opens a sawmill, giving the town new life. Jack leaves Elizabeth in Hamilton with her family and her ailing mother, leaving their relationship on rocky ground.

More Questions for this article:

What did you think about Abigail’s daughter-in-law? Do you think she could be hiding something?

What did you think of this year’s season premiere?

Are there any characters that you missed in this season premiere ?

What lessons do you think Elizabeth will teach the children this year?

Once the church is built, who do you think will be the first to marry?

Why do you think Jack really left to go back to Hope Valley? Because honestly, I don’t think he really needed to go back to work. He looked uncomfortable in the Thatcher cirlces, but also rather frustrated. Personally I would have been upset too the way Elizabeth seemed to be flirting with Charles, but that aside - he told Elizabeth he wasn’t upset. So why did he go back?

Do you feel Elizabeth’s father intimidated Jack?

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May 14, 2015