WCTH S2 EP. 3 Part 2

When Calls the Heart: Season 2, “Heart’s Desire”   2 hr special, part 2 discussion article.

Written 5/19/15

Good evening everyone! By now I hope we have been deep into discussion about the

first article I put out! :-) I am really starting to like this new format, so I hope you are too! Let’s get on the train with our friends back to Hope Valley, shall we? I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see the new church!

Hope Valley

The sweeping love story of Elizabeth and Jack

Hey look! It’s a welcome home party for Elizabeth… but wait, if it’s a welcome home party for Elizabeth - again, where are all the children of Hope Valley? I don’t know if I mentioned that in my last article, but really, honestly, there are only three town’s people that I recognize; so it’s not just the children that I’m missing. Has anybody else not noticed this? I understand that some people may have moved, but then shouldn’t it be explained or mentioned in the story line? Just my thoughts. I am really missing our Hope Valley kids! I don’t know about you; but every time I was on break as a child, I was always running around town with my friends. I was expecting to see our Hope Valley kids running around town. Anyway, as I was saying, they are having a welcome home party for Elizabeth, and soon Jack joins the group - saying he was away on business in Rock Creek :-) Finally! It so cute the way he blushes when Elizabeth is around! Hey side note for those of you that are on Instagram: you know that pink or peach dress, whichever you want to call it, that Erin Krakow is wearing? She posted a photo of it the day they were filming this particular episode saying she had to get sewn into it. The photo was of her getting sewn into the dress. It was actually pretty cool! I think I posted it in the group at one time or another, but you would have to scroll down on the wall quite a ways to find it. I just thought that was kind of cool since I recognized the dress almost immediately! :-) I thought this next part between Jack and Elizabeth was particularly well written because it matches so well with their characters and their story line that has happened so far. Elizabeth asks Jack if he is going to ask her to dance. He says no, and she looks sad for a moment and then instead he asked her to take a walk. Her face lights up as she takes his hand :-) That was perfect to me since that is how he admitted his feelings for her at first. Very well written! Design team and cinametography team - you did a fantastic job here! When Jack unveils the church to Elizabeth for the first time, it couldn’t be more perfect! The sunset and the entire setting, even the camera angles are fantastic! I love that church! I know I’ve said it more than once already, but I will say it again: whoever had a hand in deciding that church for this set - congratulations! You deserve an award! It is quaint and country like. It is exactly the type of church every little girl dreams of getting married in.

All I have to say is, I love Florence and the way she makes sure to tell Elizabeth how hard Jack worked to get the church finished - before she came home! ;-)

The cinematography of the season is wonderful! I love the horse ride that Jack and Elizabeth take when they stop and look at the whole town. We could see a wide shot with the mountains behind the town. That is absolutely fabulous! Whoever is choosing the shots has been phenomenal!

The story of the Stanton family

Clara Stanton is blown away by the way everyone is so supportive in the small town of Hope Valley. Abigail promises Clara that she will get settled and be calling it home soon.

Poor Clara just can’t seem to get her bearings, but I could not help but laugh when she poured the coffee into Jack’s Mountie hat!

I love the scene where Abigail brings Peter’s memory box out. It reminded me of the scrapbooks I have made almost every year of my god-children’s lives. This scene made me tear up a little :-) What about you? Do you have a memory box for your children or grandchildren? How do you keep your memories close to you?

Later when Abigail is gifted with an apron from Clara, Abigail suggests that Clara do some sewing. Abigail is right. It would be nice to have a seamstress in town. Don’t you think? Or do you think Clara will continue to have mishaps at Abigail’s Cafe for a while?

A man and his sawmill: the life and times of Lee Coulter

Did anyone else notice that Rosemary and Lee head matching outfits at the welcome home party? Way to go costume department! :-) I wonder if that’s supposed to be foreshadowing that they will end up together? What do you guys think? We all know Lee would like that.

I love the way he stands up to Gowen the day that the sawmill opens, and reminds Gowen that he didn’t stop the sawmill from happening.

A railroad. Wow! Okay, I didn’t see that one coming! I think it’s a great idea though. I think it could bring a lot of prosperity to the town, if he can pull it off. What do you guys think about it? I don’t necessarily agree that he’s keeping it a secret however, because he seems to be telling Jack everything in Abigail’s Cafe just moments later. And who is sitting behind them? Dottie Ramsey, herself. Now we know either the whole town will know in a matter of moments, or somebody who shouldn’t know the information will hear about it, and decide to use it to his own advantage.

I think the railroad is going to mean really good things for our small town, and I’m hoping Lee will make a jump to try to become mayor. How do you guys feel about Lee Coulter? Do you think he should try to stand up to Gowen and become mayor? It looks like Jack and Lee are going to take on Mayor Gowen. Do you think they’re going to put themselves in danger by doing so? I think so.

The Harpers homestead

The Harpers are, yet again, a new family in town (which I don’t mind, because you do need new characters). I agree with what Executive Producer Bird said in his last journal entry. My question for him is: where are all the other kids? You can imagine my joy when I saw that the oldest daughter, Nellie, is Alicia Newton who plays young Georgie from the show, “Heartland” (that is another one of my favorite family television shows). She is a fabulous young actress, and I’m excited to see her on When Calls the Heart! Welcome Alicia! :-)

Great job Nellie and Patrick on teaching Miss Thatcher how to muck out stalls at 4 a.m. I love the expression on her face when Patrick told her what that meant! :-)

It was very sweet to see Jack come to help out at the Harper homestead after he finds out that Mr. Harper has been delayed another entire day. This gives viewers a peek into what it could be like for Jack and Elizabeth if they were to ever have a family. I do appreciate that Elizabeth is so determined to do everything on her own. It shows that she has strength and character! Sidenote: Mr. Harper reminds me of the guy who played Hoss on “Bonanza.” Do you think they look alike, or is it just completely me?

I love the story that Elizabeth tells Patrick about what she imagined the stars were when she was a scared little girl before she fell asleep :-). It reminded me of things my brother used to tell me when I was little, every time a thunderstorm would come.

At the end of the episode, when Patrick talks to Elizabeth about renaming their cow after her, I tend to think that Jack’s gift coincides with his plans -because he winks at young Patrick. Elizabeth then unveils the cowbell. What do you think?

Rosie the columnist

Wait what…? Who is Mr. Bolt? Since when did we get a newspaper??? When did I miss that? I noticed the newspaper part of this episode, but I don’t remember when they actually got the newspaper in town… Can anyone fill me in? And Rosie is being … well basically a Dear Abby, excuse me while I catch my breath from hysterically laughing!

Rosemary. Rosemary. Rosemary!!! You should be completely ashamed of yourself! I have to agree with Florence and Dottie on this one. You are scandalous in your quest for fame! lol! I should be equally ashamed for laughing at you for it. What do you guys think? Do you think Rosemary’s become too scandalous for the town, and do you think her column will be received well?

Gowen: the Scammer and Conniver of Hope Valley

I knew it. Dottie went directly to Gowen with the secret plans for a railroad that she overheard, but not without a plan of her own. She’s twisting Gowen’s arm to get what she wants, but does that surprise anyone else? Because it definitely doesn’t surprise me. Shortly after talking to Dottie, Gowen finds the railroad man that Lee had been talking to. My guess is he’s going to try and bribe him. Any theories about that?

Yeah right Gowen! You expect us to believe you had nothing to do with the railway changing it’s mind? Especially after we saw you with that guy! So what do you think? Did he pay the railroad man off to choose another location? Or is it actually Gowen’s land that he convinced them to put the railway on? What do you speculate on the situation?


The Secret Life of Bill Avery

In Hamilton we find out more about Bill’s marriage. Things aren’t as they seem. He is still married, and still in my mind - he is in the wrong for pursuing Abigail. What are your thoughts on the situation? No matter how many times I watch the episode I can’t catch what’s in that handkerchief when he meets with the men in the dark alley. Can somebody tell me what he passes off to that guy? Now I’m definitely thinking he’s undercover… that or a dirty Mountie -  one of the two, but I’m leaning towards undercover. What do you guys think? What do you think he would be undercover for? It didn’t look like any drug-type situation or even gambling, so what else could it be? I mean, I’m sure there’s lots of things it could be. There’s just nothing coming to mind at the moment. Anybody have any ideas?

In conclusion

Rosie finds a new way to voice her opinion around town.

More of Nora and Bill’s story begins to be unwrapped.

The mystery deepens when Bill keeps looking around in dark alleys.

The school term begins for the children in the new school house.

Speculators: it’s your turn to log in on the Fans of Believe Pictures Facebook group and join us in our conversations. I can’t wait to hear your point of view. :-) These articles are just a jumping off point, so if you’re reading this on the website - come see what you’re missing out on!


Conclusion questions

Would you trust Rosie with the column in your paper?

Do you think we’ll see more of the Harper family storyline?  Do you think we will see more of them now that school is in session?

Is there a particular family you are hoping to see more of?

We have not seen much of our Coal Valley/Hope Valley kids this season. Who else is wondering what happened in their story lines? I’m curious to see the continuing family story lines that were started during the first season.

Do you think there is more going on with Bill Avery - like undercover police work when he is with those shady men?

Do you think it is possible that Nora Avery became somewhat delusional when they lost their son and that is why Bill left her? That is the impression I received, and I would like your opinions on the subject…

Written by Amy J. Falk

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Questions and/or notes for the producers/executive producers and/or Hallmark network

Dear Mr. Bird,

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your Producer’s Journal this week! Thank you so much for doing that every week. It gives us great insight into your world, that we normally wouldn’t have; and it is much appreciated! As a viewer/fan, while I was reading it - here are some thoughts that came to mind: when I saw the story of the Harper family, that Elizabeth helped take care of back in Hope Valley, I saw the part of your entry where you described that scene as comfort food… I completely agree with you on this. In fact, I miss our story lines with our previous Coal Valley families. And although I realize why the new families were added, I am hoping we will continue to see our old friends from Hope Valley. I too, will continue to pray that a Season three will be on the horizon. I’m just wondering… can we keep the romance and drop the triangle??? Again, I want to thank you all for your hard work, and how open you are to us about the inner workings of the filming process. Happy Birthday Mr. Bird!


Amy J. Falk

A recommendation for the When Calls the Heart, Hallmark Store:

I would love to see some of your scenery turned into still photos: for instance, Elizabeth and Jack’s view of the church from across the pond when Elizabeth first sees the church. It would be great to see photos of that available in the store, either as stills or postcards. I, for one, would love a beautiful photograph of that church framed!

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Directors Neill Fearnley | Mike Rohl (as Michael Rohl)

Writers Janette Oke (Based On The Novel By) | Andrea Stevens (Written By: Part 1) |Derek Thompson (Written By: Part 2)

Producers Greg Malcolm | Vicki Sotheran

Editor Nicole Ratcliffe

Production Designer James Robbins

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