When Calls the Heart: Season 2, “Heart’s Desire” (2 hour special)

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Written 5/18/15

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed the two hour special after Mother’s Day, and I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! It looks like the When Calls the Heart Twitter ratings we’re off the charts! Congratulations! Since the last format of the discussion article was easy for me, I decided to try it again. If anyone has any objections to this new format, please feel free to let me know. As I always say, my comment box is open :-). Shall we begin?


The secret love story of Julie and Tom

Ok, did anyone else laugh out loud when Julie was practicing the Tango on her own? I know I did! Just like Elizabeth and Charles, I was curious as to why she was practicing; come to find out later, it had everything to do with Tom! I love the costumes this week, both Tom and Julie’s! Great job costume department! Question though: Tom does not make that much money. That outfit looked quite expensive. So, did Julie get it for him? And where is it that they sneak off to? How did they not get caught?

The scandal of Charles and Elisabeth

Elizabeth don’t you dare do the tango. The tango is dance of passion. What are you thinking!? First you eat off his spoon; now the tango. I am so mad at you; I’m stomping my foot! I don’t care if I’m in a wheelchair! I’m still stomping my foot! What about you guys? If it were you, would you dance the tango with someone other than your significant other? Even if you don’t have a significant other, do you think you would tango? It is known to be one of the most intimate dances there is. I know I wouldn’t, even if I could dance; and that’s one of the things I’ve always wanted to do if I ever had a day where I could walk (not to tango specifically, but dance I mean).

Flowers… really Charles? In the very first episode of the season, Elizabeth made it clear she just wanted to be friends. Yes, I do agree that she’s kind of had her wires crossed since then and been sending you mixed signals (just my opinion), so I don’t really blame you in a sense; but at the same time, you are not helping the situation! Stop it! We know you like her, but you can’t have her - she’s Jack’s. I do agree with one thing - she needs to stop flip flopping like Saturday morning pancakes, and stand her ground on where her heart truly lies!

Then Charles was at the Thatcher home again when Abigail was there, and he thanked her for being a friend to Elizabeth. I said in the last article, and I’ll say it in this one - does this guy ever work? At the train station when Charles dropped the ladies off, things were left unsaid. Elizabeth, really, I think you said enough with your body language and your eyes! Again just my opinion… You know he’s going to follow you to Hope Valley after that one, right? Just my speculation. Sorry, like I said in the last few articles, it’s in my DNA. I can’t help it! :-)

The life and times of Abigail

Worried about her daughter-in-law, Abigail decides to go visit Hamilton, knowing that she will be welcome in the Thatcher home after sending a telegram to Elizabeth; but she doesn’t even know where to begin in her search for Clara. Even in the big city she seems undaunted by this task that has been laid out in front of her, and the Thatchers welcome her with open arms. Little did she know, when they offered to hire a Mountie to help her find Clara, that it would be the last Mountie she would ever want to see. First thought that ran through my head is: well, well… if it isn’t Mr. Avery… This should be very interesting… I was actually very pleased with the way Abigail pretty much kicked him to the curb and stood up for herself. He was very insistent upon helping her and taking on the job. You can’t blame him for that though, the Thatchers are well known in town and you don’t say no to Mr. Thatcher. My point is, Abigail did say no - at least in the first part of the story, then later on she did not refuse his help as much (which was slightly disappointing). I understood why. It was a big city, and she shouldn’t be alone; but at the same time, if it were me and I could have, I would have insisted on somebody else - and Charles did offer to go with her. I would have taken him up on his offer… Oh well, it all ended ok. Bill and Abigail were able to get Clara out of trouble. I won’t tell you how, and I won’t tell you how she was in trouble, and I won’t tell you what happened in the end of that scenario - because that would just ruin it :-)… Just so you know, I’m smiling deviously, because I know in my group we’ve speculated about Clara and her secrets - although we probably haven’t found the end of her secrets yet. At least we know it’s not one thing that kept her staying away from Abigail specifically. We can talk about it more later once you guys read this article :-) So get ready to type, my Fans of Believe Pictures friends - because I would love to hear what you think about Clara’s secrets after this article is posted!

You know sometime in the old sitcoms, or even in those old movies, when you hear the sound effect of an old record screeching and the character says, “Wait, what?” Yeah well, that was me when Abigail sounded like she was trying to convince Elizabeth to stay in Hamilton. What did you guys think of that scene? Do you think I misinterpreted? Did you take their conversation in a different light? If you did, or even if you didn’t, let’s talk about it!

Viola and Sir Lionel will be the latest announcement in the society pages!

Ok, who else thought that was hilarious when Julie ruins Viola’s engagement announcement!?! Everybody raise your hand, because you know you laughed out loud! Lol! I definitely know that I did. In fact, I will even be as bold to admit that I spit out my pop that I was drinking at the time. Would I expect to be absolutely furious if Julie did something like that to me? If I put myself in Viola’s high heels, as her character, I would have been furious! She calmed down quite quickly, and I was surprised. I loved how Elizabeth kind of shrugged and laughed as Julie outed their older sister and her announcement.

Okay, here’s my question and criticism: did that engagement announcement seem a little modern to you? Barring the costumes, it seems way too modern-day for me. What do you guys think?

Mr. and Mrs. Thatcher: the family everyone talks about.

Boy, let me tell you - who ever needed social networking even in this century when you have Mrs. Thatcher in 1910 who loves to have parties over anything and everything lol! I love that woman! She makes me laugh. She just barely got back on her feet from a supposedly serious illness. One that was severe enough to bring Elizabeth home, yet she wants to throw yet another party..? That is hilarious to me. I do understand that her daughter just got engaged, but still I agree with Mr. Thatcher. Are you sure you’re up for it? Am I wrong in feeling this way, or should I say: am I the only one that feels this way? I do, however, like how she supports Elizabeth and her decision to go back to Hope Valley when the father does not seem to be supportive; but I could also tell that she was not enthusiastic about her daughter leaving either. She may have just been trying to appease Elizabeth for the sake of not wanting an argument. I guess we will see what happens in upcoming episodes.

The Thatcher sisters

There were a few Thatcher sister heart to heart moments that I can totally relate to, so I wanted to be able to point them out. First Elizabeth was talking with Viola in her bedroom. Viola and Elizabeth had been discussing her engagement and how they had not been close growing up, but she wanted to congratulate Viola on her engagement. I sometimes feel that way about my sisters. I’m adopted, and I don’t get to see my biological sisters very often. I feel like we are very far apart, but none the less - they are my sisters. I love them. On the other hand, there are my adopted sisters who I am very close to, much like Julie and Elizabeth. Next we have Julie, who comes to visit with Elizabeth about a secret outing with Tom.  I can relate this because I am the youngest in my adopted family, and I have older sisters to tell my secrets to occasionally, and yes - I do get scolded just as Elizabeth glares at Julie when she says something that Elizabeth disapproves of. What about you? Have you ever had any these kinds of moments with your siblings? Can you relate to the Thatcher sisters?

Hope Valley:

It’s all about Rosemary

Rosemary on Broadway… I know she said she had been in New York, but there’s something about these new guys that doesn’t smell right to me. It just seems a little too easy right off the bat, but as we see down the road - they end up being kidnappers right?… Oh and the way she annoys them with her singing, isn’t that the funniest thing ever?! Lol! Whoever has been writing Rosemary’s parts this year has been doing an excellent job! I’m actually really liking her character.

Then guess what? Jack to the rescue! Which is a good thing for poor Lee, who seemed almost devastated by his expression when he finds out Rosemary is going to Broadway. More about Jack and Rosemary later…

Ahah! So I was correct last season, or at least partially anyway, when I speculated that Rosemary may be after money. It seems that she was involved in the Mike Ryan scandal, and the men were hoping that they could hold her for ransom. She says she wasn’t, of course, but then again we’ve heard Rosemary lie before. So I guess we will just have to wait and see. So here’s my question to you guys: since in Season One we thought she was after Jack’s reward money, do you think she stole this money? Do you think she is hiding from this Mike Ryan? Who is Mike Ryan? Question for you: are they really kidnappers or are they private investigators whose efforts to apprehend were thwarted by Jack’s rescue? What do you think?

Okay I know Jack rescued Rosemary, and they are by a fire. The setting is romantic, at least in Rosemary’s mind,  despite the fact that Jack just thinks he’s resting his horse. Yeah right. At least I’m saying yeah right in Rosemary terms. She is babbling on about his relationship with Elizabeth, as we knew would happened at this point. I start to realize even with Lee in her life, she thinks she may still have a chance with Jack! Jack sets her straight rather quickly; but he’s still a gentleman about it, being mostly silent. She is sweet by telling him that he has friends around him, no matter what happens.

The next morning they come riding into town and she is wearing Jack’s Mountie jacket, and you have to see Florence’s reaction - because it is too priceless not to! :-) Don’t worry Florence, I would have had the same reaction!

Lee, the self made man

Extortion… I should have guessed that Gowen would extort, or try to extort, the new man in town; but knowing the good character that Lee has tried to build in this town so far. He’ll find a way around it, I’m sure.

So Jack thinks Lee and Rosemary are like? I get what he was saying, and in some ways I guess I agree; but I think Lee is much more humbled and Rosemary is not. What are your thoughts on that?

Lee was reminded by the pastor who said a little prayer never hurts, when Lee has trouble getting the mill up and running. Have you ever had those moments in your life where you needed reminding that prayer never hurts? When something is going wrong in your life? I know I have.

Soon after the pastor has the prayer over the mill, a stranger comes into the town due to a downpour. He is not able to get to where he is meant to be; they realize he is a mechanic. Lee  and Jack are both seeing this as an answer to the pastor’s prayer, and Jack tells Lee that he will see him in church on Sunday.

Who is the new man behind the pulpit?

Okay pastor. I get the pulpit, but a cupboard and lock? I know Jack is asking the same question. Oh please, oh please! Somebody turn off my speculative brain! I don’t like where it’s going right now! So I have to put this down, because my brain just won’t shut off - sorry Mr. Bird! I know how much you must love it when I speculate. I can see you doing a collective sigh at your computer screen right now… Anyway here it is: so the Pastor needs a cabinet in his pulpit because he wants a gun to be there, because he’s being chased by outlaws… Or maybe he’s even been a criminal, who’s left his old ways - but is still on the run, under an assumed name. Or the more boring speculation could be: our pastor has a problem with the drink, because he’s grieving the possible loss of his family… maybe? Okay, I’m done speculating about him for now anyway.

In conclusion

Elizabeth’s parents decided to let her leave again for Hope Valley with their blessings.

Charles reluctantly lets her go, but tells her he knows her adventure is not over.

Julie continues to secretly carry on a romance with Tom Thornton, Jack’s brother, who we barely know anything about.

Abigail refuses to let the Bill Avery explain to her anything about his “wife”.

Clara, Abigail’s daughter-in-law, has decided to join Abigail and Elizabeth in going back to Hope Valley.

Speculators: it’s your turn to log in on the Fans of Believe Pictures Facebook group and join us in our conversations. I can’t wait to hear your point of view. :-) These articles are just a jumping off point, so if you’re reading this on the website - come see what you’re missing out on!


Conclusion questions

If the kids are supposed to be on some school break in Hope Valley, where are they? What do you think happened to them? Do you think they moved when the coal mining business shut down?

Do you think Clara will make a good addition to Hope Valley? Do you think she could still be hiding the possibility of a child? Or have you done away with that theory? I know some of you have been discussing it.

What do you think about Julie hiding her relationship with Tom Thornton?

How would you react to Bill if you were in Abigail’s position? Would you let him explain?

Written by Amy J. Falk

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Aside from a few main people, I’m seeing a lot of new faces milling about town. Did we get new town people?  Where did all the Coal Valley/Hope Valley children go? You’d think if it was school break, that we would see them running around more often. We’ve hardly seen them. It’s like they’ve disappeared.

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