When Calls the Heart, Season 2: “Heart and Home” Discussion Article

Written 6/2/2015

Hello everyone! As I sit here to type this article, it is earlier than I usually write them. Normally I write in the evening; this time I have chosen to do it in the morning, so I’m sitting here looking out on a bright and sunny day pondering exactly how I’m going to begin. There are so many different things that I want to discuss that I’m not sure how to go about it, so I’m going to do my best to get it all in… What do you say we give it a try?

Capital News

Why don’t we start with the When Calls the Heart news that is not related to this particular episode? I had a short, but nice chat with Writer/Executive Producer Brian Bird this morning. He told me that the When Calls the Heart viewing at Capitol Hill went well! We are glad to hear it, Mr. Bird! You are in our continued prayers!

Another When Calls the Heart Capital News item: did anyone see the photographs that Mr. Bird posted and/or retweeted on Twitter? They were really cool! You should check them out! Daniel Lissing, who plays our beloved Jack Thornton, also joined in on photographic fun on his Instagram - in case you are interested. :-) If you don’t know their Instagram or Twitter link, and would like to know them - let me know, and I will get a list together for you.

My Thoughts on the Producer’s Journal this week

Oh Mr. Bird, how I love your riddles! What do they call you on the “Heartie page”? The “Chief-Pot-Stirrer” ? I can definitely see where they get that from! In our office, we just call you the “Chief.” I can see where you might need some help keeping track of all the different relationships in the show! I can get confused about my own characters’ relationships when I’m writing in my novels sometimes; it can get to be kind of a mess - so I hear you there! When it comes to pot-stirring though, you are definitely the best! I cannot figure out that riddle!

“What shines like the sun, but breaks your heart because you can’t let it go?” (quoted from Brian Bird’s producer’s journal, posted on May 31, 2015).

You have this writer stumped! My girls in the office have yet to see it, but we will definitely be discussing it before the next episode - I promise you! :-) Although I think I have figured out where your writers may be going with the next and last few episodes, it will be interesting to see how accurate I can get to the store-line, as well as my colleagues here in the office. Thanks for another great journal entry as always!

Keeping a Foot on Each Side of the Border: the story of Elizabeth in Both Towns

Okay, so I know I’ve said this several different ways already, but I’m going to say it again because this episode was particularly annoying to me - which is fine, every show has conflict. I don’t mind the “up and down” analogy that the Executive Producer Bird has been using himself on and off. The season has been a rollercoaster so let’s go with that: we’ve been on a roller coaster. As a viewer, something that has been bothering me all season long and continues to do so, is the continuous flip-flopping of Elizabeth’s emotions. She is completely and entirely indecisive! I know she is supposed to be young. They have never alluded to what exact age she is other than what we may or may have not read in the original books that the show is supposed to be loosely based on by Janette Oke. Some people were wondering if it was the fact that they had an argument this last episode that was bothering me. No, couples are going to argue. The characters are supposed to have ups and downs - like real life, otherwise it wouldn’t seem realistic. I just don’t like her indecision and continuously leading Charles on, as well as Jack! I agree with Viola on this matter (boy, I never thought those words would come out of my mouth…) And now they have put yet another triangle in, so to speak (although now you might have to call it a square!). I guess by putting the nurse in Jack’s path, my question is: when will the above square end? And the real life trials of a couple begin? Instead we have a lovestruck teenager with an, “I don’t know what I want” attitude from Elizabeth. To be honest, I wouldn’t blame Jack if he decided to move on. I would too! Grow up Elizabeth!

Oh and that little discussion between Charles and Jack, when they got to Hamilton… I agree with the writers putting it in there. That needed to be said and done! Completely good on you, Jack! Since when does Charles know what’s best for Elizabeth? He admitted that he hasn’t seen Elizabeth in years. So therefore, in my opinion, if I were Jack - I would be thinking, “You don’t know her at all either! You know her about as much as I do at this point, so you have nothing to say about it!”  At this time in the story, it really feels as though Elizabeth doesn’t know herself; and if you don’t know yourself - you shouldn’t even be taking on suitors! That’s my thought,  and I am sticking to it! You can throw tomatoes at me all you like! If they were that flirtatious out in public, in 1910, it would be considered scandalous! (Just look up Emily Post’s book, Etiquette, now available as an Ebook; it was originally written in 1910.)

What’s Happening in Hope Valley?

Learning to Forgive: the Story of Abigail & Bill

I found it rather refreshing that Abigail’s storyline was about forgiveness this week. Although Bill has done what he has done, it is so true that she needed to forgive him in order to start fresh for herself. Would you be able to forgive Bill like Abigail did? Or would you let that tooth “ache,” as the Pastor put it, a little longer?

One particular scene that popped out to me this week was when Abigail confronted Florence for gossiping in the Mercantile about Bill and her. Although it was done by Abigail out of anger and frustration, I was glad to see it happen. Finally there might be consequences for Florence’s actions! It was encouraging to see the pastor back Abigail up. After they left, the pastor talked her down from her anger. That was very pleasant to see and a very good lesson to learn! Good job writing team! :-) If you were in Abigail’s shoes would you have defended yourself against Florence and the town gossips? Or would have you just ignored it?

This part is strictly Bill related, and it’s only one question. I know you all saw Bill take that money plate… Right? Well if you didn’t, you know now lol! Sorry :-( Anyway, so what do you think? Is he a dirty Mountie, or still under cover? My personal speculation on the subject is: a Mountie that was under cover has now gone bad under pressure, between personal life and professional life, and is now “on the take.” In other words, dirty Mountie, but again that is pure speculation.

I realize this is the Abigail & Bill section, but since there is no section this week about the pastor (because the only parts he was in was with Abigail), I’m going to add something here. There’s been a lot of discussion about Abigail and the pastor and a possible relationship between the two of them on my page this week, as well as a lot of speculation due to a question put to us by the Hallmark Channel themselves (or put to the Hearties rather, which I also put on my page since we too also have a lot of When Calls the Heart Fans. :-)

Here are my thoughts and feelings on a possible relationship between Pastor Frank and Abigail:

Number one: I think he has a past. Yes, I know it’s true. Everyone has a past of some sort or another, and I’m not saying that his past is necessarily dark. I would just like to know what his past is before for Abigail gets involved with him.

Number two: given the time, I think it is possible that she could very quickly jump into another relationship whether she is still grieving her husband that died and her relationship with Bill Avery or not, but I would hope not.

Number 3: given the phone call Nora received in Hamilton, I’m thinking the pastor might be a spy for her, but that is pure speculation. I’m hoping I’m wrong.

When outsmarting the Fox (named Gowen), there’s no one more clever than the team of Rosemary and Lee!

Okay, we all know that Gowen is the “fox in the henhouse” in this show, or the “sheep in wolf’s clothing,” or just a plain “old wolf.” Yes, I know… I like my cliches - sorry… The people who help me edit call me out on them all the time! [that’s for sure!] Sometimes they are just too much fun not to use! :-) Anyway … Who else thought it was hilariously fun to watch the poker game? Come on, raise your hands… You know you did! :-) lol! Have I mentioned how much I love Rosemary this season? I know, I must have said it a hundred times. I love the way those two have teamed up against Gowen! Didn’t she do a wonderful job of acting way over the top in their little scheme? That was awesome, Pascale, thanks for the laugh!

I was glad to see that Gowen finally got what he deserves when Lee wins the poker game. By the way, that’s a spoiler alert - sorry! I know I try not to do too many of those. Now if we could just get Gowen out of that town as mayor, we would be golden!

When the School Bell Rings: the Story of the Hope Valley School Children

Yay! We finally get to see some of our school children! But I still have some questions, so get ready. These are also for you producers/writers/directors and Hallmark - so I hope you’re reading this section at least.

Ok, we saw Emily Montgomery (side note about Emily: she is such a good little actress! Her parents must be so proud of her! She reminds me of the little girl who played Cassandra on Little House on the Prairie. Anyone else with me on that?) There was no sight of her brothers, Miles or Gabe, in school. Where were they? Also slightly unrelated, if Emily is going to be in town - should there not be an explanation of where her mother is? Yes, I know the actress that played Cat Montgomery in the first season was not available for this second season, but we have yet to hear an explanation of her absence from the show while at least one of her children remains..?

Then we have Rachel. It was so good to see her smiling face again! They are all such good, young actresses and actors. I can’t say enough about them! I wish they were in more episodes. I really do! Wasn’t it highly speculated at least that she was Gabe’s love interest in the first season? Whatever happened to that? And who ended up being Gabe’s crush anyway? They never did actually tell us. I wish they would either finish some of those story lines or continue the ones that they started in the first season - especially the ones that have to do with the families!

And then last, but not least of course, there was Pockets, or Albert, whichever name you prefer. I just want to hug this kid! Jack’s right Elizabeth, you should give him “A” … At least that’s what I thought until Pocket’s brought up Charles’ kiss! You should be on the Mountie’s side, Pockets! Shame on you! Rachel you are definitely not helping the situation, but at least Elizabeth learned about consequences (finally there’s some consequences) for her actions for flirting out in public! And what was the lesson for the day in the school room? Well, I think Elizabeth learned a bigger lesson than she actually taught! She learned it from her school children, and that was a lesson in humility. The lesson she was trying to teach was about temperature and how mercury rises in a thermometer.

Here are a few more questions

Where are Wyatt’s siblings in the schoolroom?

Where is Rosaleen?

Where is Bo Grady and Gabe? We saw them earlier in town during the season premiere. Where have they gone ?

Where are the Harper children? Since they are a new family that just moved in, shouldn’t they be in school?

Who’s Hiding What in Hamilton?

The Wife: Nora Avery

Nora Avery. To be honest, there’s a lot I could say about her, but at this point of a lot of it would still be speculation… so I will restrain myself from saying as much as I really want say! I’m sure the writers and producers will the appreciate this! However I do not want to leave this section empty, so I will leave you with one or two thoughts on Nora. I can’t figure out in my mind if she is insane because of losing her child; I will leave a side note here please, don’t take offense to that because I do have friends that have lost children, and I know you always lose a part of you that you cannot get back! But I also do know that it does break some people. I’ve seen it happen. Lastly, I gathered by the phone call that she must have a spy in Hope Valley. I think I know who it is do you?

The Accident: Tom and Julie

Julie’s behavior is getting on my nerves. I know she is supposed to be the younger, more wild, adventurous, naive sister… however you want to put it, I don’t care! Everyone has been right; she needs to learn to grow up! I know this is part of her character in the show, and I realize she probably never will completely grow up; but I would like to see her character change and grow at least little by little! I’m not seeing any of that so far. The only thing I’ve seen is that she’s becoming more determined to defy people than she already was in the past. However, the one thing I am liking is her mind seems to be stuck on one person and one person only. Finally, instead of romanticizing about every guy she sees, she seems to be stuck on Tom. So the writer in me is hopeful that that’s the plan in the long run: the two of them will straighten each other out! They do seem like a cute couple. I would like to see that happen.

I have a few questions about this plot line: Elizabeth said that her sister always dates men who are trouble. Why didn’t Jack mention that his brother was the one with the cut on the head and not Julie? The blood was on the passenger side of the car. I think if Jack would have told Elizabeth what he found, it would have made more sense to her. Why didn’t he tell her family?  That whole part just didn’t make sense to me and it caused more of an argument later on. What do you guys think about this? He did explain some of it to Elizabeth at the restaurant.

There are rumors going out on the net about a proposal somewhere by the end of the season. I’ve been asked if I think it’s Tom and Julie. My answer to this question is: no. I thought possibly at first, but now I don’t think so. I think the previews you’ve been seeing are going to be Tom and Julie trying to run from the law, or possibly elope; but I don’t think they actually do elope.

At the end of this episode we see Elizabeth ask Jack what was happening between them after their discussion about the accident between Tom and Julie. My first thought was really? Your biggest problem is: he’s not telling you all the facts and you’re not telling him all the facts because your sister hasn’t told you all the facts, and I’m pretty sure he thinks Julie has. I know it’s an investigation, but I also know since he’s Thomas’ brother, he can’t be in charge of it - so why wouldn’t he tell Elizabeth what was found when he went to examine the car? I don’t understand that? Any thoughts?

The Nurse: Faith and Jack

Despite my frustrations with Elizabeth and her pancake flip-flopping and indecision, did anybody hear my scream when our triangle turned into a square as the nurse’s face entered the picture? Boy I would really love to get back to the family stories of Hope Valley at this point! :( Since that obviously isn’t an option, let’s talk about this for a minute. I don’t really blame Jack. He’s a nice guy who has had his heart stomped all over the place. He made his intentions clear to Rosemary and told her to back off when Elizabeth started getting jealous in Season One, but now Elizabeth is doing just the opposite of that. Until Elizabeth straightens up, Jack might as well look at the pretty girl! …Well I guess I shouldn’t say it that way. Jack has more integrity than that, but I think he’s going to turn to somebody who seems to respect him, as he should, because right now that’s the last thing Elizabeth is doing. She has a lack of respect for him. So if you want to look at Nurse Faith and go in that direction, Jack - as respectful of Elizabeth as you have been in the past, I can continue to respect you for it. I don’t blame you.

…Although we all know it probably will not go that way, since this is television and they are our main characters, Elizabeth and Jack I mean.


Things heat up in the schoolroom as Elizabeth gets a lesson in humility…

Abigail gets some counsel from Pastor Frank about pulling the tooth-ache of hurt and forgiving someone.

Jack starts to question whether he truly fits in to the Thatcher family.

Viola questions Elizabeth on her intentions with Charles and Jack.

Speculators: it’s your turn to log in to the Fans of Believe Pictures Facebook group and join us in our conversations. I can’t wait to hear your point of view! :-) These articles are just a jumping off point, so if you’re reading this on the website - come see what you’re missing out on!


Thoughts and questions for the Producers/ Writers/Directors:

How much of the landscape and background of the show is CGI, and how much of it is real? This question was posed to me by Fans of Believe Pictures member, Joyce. We have been lucky enough to get a partial answer to this question since some of our members have worked with you on set. They stated that the pond is real, but we are curious about the rest.

These questions comes from me directly, your admin: I’m curious to know, how do you choose the writers and directors for each specific episode? This is kind of a two part question, so here’s the second part: who chooses the writers and directors for each episode?

Mr. Landon, Jr.’s birthday is coming up on June 20th, and some of the Fans of Believe Pictures group have a gotten a gift for him. Can you let us know where to send it, please? Thank you in advance!

Conclusion Questions:

There have been rumors on the net about a surprise proposal before the end of the season finale. If this happens, who do you think it will be? Why do you choose that couple?

Do you think Nora Avery is completely sane?

Do you think Florence deserved the talking to that Abigail gave her ?

Do you think Nora has a spy in Hope Valley? If so, who do you think it is?

Do you think Bill Avery has gone from undercover Mountie to a dirty Mountie?

Do you think Jack will stay true to his feelings for Elizabeth, or will he explore his new found friendship with Faith?

Thoughts and Questions for Hallmark Network

Is there any idea when there may be word whether we will get a Season 3 or not?

Written by Amy J. Falk

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