When Calls the Heart: Season 2 “Coming Together, Coming Apart” Discussion Article

Written 6/6/2015

Good evening everyone! It is When Calls the Heart night! Surprise! I wrote the article on the actual night! Shall we see how Florence does as the substitute teacher?

My thoughts on this week’s Producer’s Journal:

I was so excited when Mr. Bird told us that we were going to have an early journal entry for tomorrow night’s episode. You can imagine my confusion and disappointment when I went to click on the link that Mr. Bird provided us on Twitter yesterday (for today’s journal) when I noticed that it was the same entry as the last journal entry, but with a different title. I’m guessing that it is a mix up with Hallmark. Am I wrong about this? Just in case it is, I will check the entry again before I post this article.

Amendment: written 6/8/2015

I’m glad the link has finally been fixed! I have been checking it every day since the episode first aired, and it indeed was a duplicate, aside from the title itself, of last week’s entry until today. :-) Did anyone else have this problem or is something wrong with my computer perhaps?

In this journal entry Executive Producer Brian Bird tells us about the season finale as well as the war of our culture and family television… I’m just going to stick with the things Mr. Bird talked about when he discussed Elizabeth’s character and purpose. I’m leaving the culture wars up to him, since I’m technically still the rookie. I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Bird on the need for family television - I will tell you that!

Let’s talk about Elizabeth and her purpose for a moment. If it’s good enough for Mr. Bird, then it’s definitely good enough for us to discuss here in the Producer’s Journal entry section!

Elizabeth’s purpose is something I’ve been trying to figure out this entire season, and if that hasn’t become clear in my articles - then I am NOT doing my job very well and somebody needs to give me a talking to! I’ve been saying that she flip-flops like a pancake. (Yes, I know, another cliche… Sorry! I’m trying to be better at not using them, really I am! Who knows, you may get another comment from my editor by the time she edits this!) [Haha!] Anyway, as I was saying… when I compare her actions to a pancake, I mean she doesn’t know what she wants, or she doesn’t know what her purpose is in life; but this storyline is exactly what makes it difficult, in my opinion, because Elizabeth is young (or according to the novels that this story is supposed to be based on, she is young). Think about that logically. Did you really know what you wanted at that age? I know some of you are probably saying, “Yes! Yes, I did!” I didn’t know what I wanted in my twenties, even my thirties I wasn’t sure what I wanted! If you did, that’s great! That means you had super-focus, that you had plans and you knew right where you were going; but a lot of people I know don’t have that super-laser focus. You are probably asking, “Well then, how come you have been so hard on the season? Picking on Elizabeth for not making up her mind?” Good question! :-) I’m a writer. I like to pick apart things. Not every writer does that. I’m just one of those writers who analyzes and picks up everything and then I say to myself, “I watch fiction to get away from real life, and this is way too close to real life!” So there’s your answer. :-) Your next question to me would probably be, “Then does it always have to be a happily-ever-after for you? Do they always have to know their purposes?” Good questions again! The answer to those questions is: no and no. I like conflict, just different kinds of conflict; and I don’t always like it to have a happy ending necessarily, but, yes, I do enjoy a good happy ending. Who doesn’t!

Mr. Bird,

You promised us a rollercoaster this season, and so far you’ve definitely given us a rollercoaster! The season ends with a two hour finale on Saturday. I wanted to say, Congratulations on this season, and I hope for the best and many more! I also hope that, if at all possible, if there is a third season: would  Mr. Landon, Jr. consider directing a few episodes just as he did for the first season? And would you be willing to write a few episodes just as you did for the first season? Your new writing/directing team did a wonderful job, and I commend them all, and Lord willing, if we do get a next season - I hope they will join us again!

Fans of Believe Pictures Admin.

Amy J. Falk

Producer’s Journal Question: Unrelated to When Calls the Heart:

Mr. Bird, have you ever considered doing a Producer’s Journal for one of your Hallmark films? The process may be considerably different than doing a television show, and it might be more difficult to do something like that with a movie, I don’t know… but that is why I’m asking the question… I would love to get some insight into that process as well! I really look forward to your journal entries every week, and I’m going to miss them as soon as When Calls the Heart is finished this season.


The Tale of Two Brothers: Jack and Tom

Who else loved that scene between Jack and Tom as they sat in what I think was the Mountie office in Hamilton when they discuss their father and the different relationships they had with their father as young boys? Whoever had a hand in writing that scene for this episode - you did a wonderful job! It was a great display of true brotherly love. It also reminded me quite a bit of a father and son type of relationship, because Jack is the oldest and they lost their father at such a young age. Jack did have to take on kind of a fatherly role when it came to his younger brother. So I feel it fit perfectly - based on their background.

Forbidden Love the Story of Tom and Julie

Okay, so my speculation was half right. Mr. Thatcher had not yet pressed charges, so Tom was not running from the law, but he and Julie did plan to run off together… Did anyone else see that coming, aside from me - because nobody else said anything after I posted that article? Here’s another question I have: how come the other Thatcher sisters did not expect this, especially Elizabeth - who is the closest to Julie? And especially since Julie seemed so flighty, yet passe, during the bridesmaids-dress fitting. She was not okay just moments ago. They even noted that. The drastic change in her conversation didn’t make them more suspicious? And if Elizabeth and Viole were suspicious, how come they didn’t ask more questions? I know I would have!

When Elizabeth was talking to Julie about growing up and finding out what she wants for her life, and also discussing with her about why she, herself, moved to Coal Valley… I couldn’t help but find myself totally relating to this conversation. I felt for Julie, because I can understand what she is going through. I’ve been where she’s been, in some aspects. I have felt totally and completely lost and not known what I truly wanted for my life, but I didn’t have Elizabeth to kick me in the pants! :-) Boy do I wish I would have! lol. On the other side of the valley, no pun intended, I have also felt like Elizabeth, where I’ve hit a point in my life where I’m sure I know what I want; but then something comes in and distracts me from my goals. In Elizabeth’s case this would be Charles… whom she stills seems to be flirting with.  I understand where Elizabeth was going with Julie; it feels good when you finally feel you like you fit in… where you belong, and she’s right! Julie does need to find that for herself before she can truly love someone - at least that’s what I believe. Needless to say, I was also thinking that Elizabeth should take some of her own advice and really consider what she is saying to her younger sister. What did you guys think?

As the Square Turns: the Story of Jack, Faith, Elizabeth and Charles

Ok Charles, now I’m going to give my girl some advice here: Elizabeth… You need to explain to your Mountie that you told Charles to back off twice now. The first time was during the first episode of the season, and then in this episode while sitting at the piano. He ignored you the first time, and then politely refused to hear her out (if you can call it that…) So now I think your Mountie needs to show this “gentleman” how to be a gentleman! Because where I come from, politely declining or not - when you told Charles “no” in so many words twice (or more) his behavior is called stalking, and that’s just creepy! He’s like the aristocratic version of Billy Hamilton… No wait, I take that back - he’s worse! Anyway Charles just deserves to know where you stand, and that you asked him to back off. At least that’s what I think. What do you guys think?

I love what Jack told Elizabeth’s father when he turned down the job offer. I’ll let you guys watch that section for yourself, but I will ask you this: if you were Jack, would you have taken the job offer? Or would you turn it down?

I love the way Nurse Faith respects Jack for who he is, and what he does! I do believe that Jack should have been upfront about his relationship with Elizabeth, but I think I know why he hasn’t been. He’s not sure where they stand, because he’s not sure where Elizabeth’s heart lies. That doesn’t make it right though. He should at least say something, because you can tell there’s an attraction, which as I said in the last article - I do not entirely blame him for. How do you guys feel about Nurse Faith?

Ok, just as we are at the train station - getting ready to leave for Hope Valley again (can I interrupt you here for a second, Elizabeth…? Because I’m with Jack on this one. I think you were asking him to change, and that’s not right! The minute you said you were so excited that your father offered Jack a job, and that means he likes him - if I were Jack… it would be like a knife to the heart just seeing the relief and happiness on your expression about the possibility of Jack being a businessman in your father’s company. Don’t you know that’s not who he is? That’s the same as asking him to change in my opinion.) How do you guys feel about that?

Facing Reality: the Story of Bill and Nora Avery

Wow…. Ok this whole storyline is just awkward for me. I can’t even explain it… but I will try for the benefit of this article. I’m not quite sure what Bill is trying to do. He says he doesn’t want back into Nora’s life, but yet he keeps letting her guilt him into staying. Then he let her guilt him into needing more money, thereby asking Mr. Thatcher for the reward money which was previously promised to Bill. I’m not quite sure why Bill asked for the money, unless he’s losing all his money from gambling or some other dirty Mountie business that we don’t know about (not that they make a whole lot of money to begin with, but I would think he would have some money to give her). I understand that he left Abigail, and that was honorable. I agreed with that totally and completely; and I agreed that he should because he is still married. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that Nora is completely sane, and their conversation just keep repeating, again and again. They never get anywhere. What are your thoughts on Bill and Nora?

Hope Valley

The  Railroad Man and the Actress: the Story of Lee and Rosemary

Until I saw the preview at the end of this episode, I was going to ask you if you thought Lee’s sideways proposal to Rosemary this week was supposed to be our surprise proposal? Everyone’s been rumoring about it on the internet, but after seeing the preview for next week’s finale - we all know that’s not the case. Who else had their heart broken when Lee got shot down by Rosemary? I did. I felt so sorry for that poor guy… Not that I didn’t see it coming, because I kind of did. Rosemary is still stuck on Jack, for one; and for two: she’s terrified of getting her heart broken again, I’m sure. I mean who wouldn’t be after getting turned down by Jack? If a handsome young Mountie breaks your heart, come on… you’d have to admit, you’d be skittish yourself! I did indeed feel sorry for Lee, though. You could see the pain in his eyes when she refused him. This next move on Lee’s part, baffled me though. He turned right around, set his eyes on Molly Sullivan, and went straight over to her. At first I was kind of put off by that and saying, “Boy! You heal quickly!” (judging by the way he looked at her), but then I thought for a second… I’m wondering if he’s trying to make Rosemary jealous, so that she can see what she has right in front of her, and what she’s going to be missing. Any speculation on this?

Life at the Cafe: the Story of Abigail Stanton

I have to say, I wasn’t all that surprised when Abigail made the decision to agree to cook our pastor dinner in exchange for the rest of his fish for the cafe. Abigail begins to politely pry into our pastors past, and we are finally learning about his story. Sadly there is only one episode left to go…

Ok, I always knew Dottie was conniving, but really? Threatening Abigail on Gowen’s behalf? That I did not expect??! Did anybody else see that one coming? I mean I know Gowen has incriminating information on the former mayor, but it must be pretty bad if Dottie’s going to strong-arm people for him!

Do you think Abigail will give into Gowen and his threats? If not, what do you think will happen? Since nobody else has answered my question last week, I still have the same questions: do you think Nora Avery has somebody spying on Abigail? If so, is that person a resident in Hope Valley?

When the School Bell Rings: the Story of the Hope Valley Schoolchildren

Haha! I would have loved having Rosemary as a substitute teacher as a child! She would have made my day! I totally understand her language; just call me a theater geek! :-) When Elizabeth said she had to be absent last week, did anyone else feel like this was going to happen? To be honest, I hadn’t thought about it much until Florence came in at the beginning of the episode and said she was having a difficult time.

Yay! I get so excited when we get to see our Hope Valley children! :-)… There’s only one problem: I only recognize three of the children from Season 1… Where have they all gone???

Again we saw Emily Montgomery, but where are her brothers: Miles and Gabe?

We saw Rachel and Albert (or Pockets, whichever you prefer), but where is the new family in town - the Harper children?

We have yet to see Bo Brady, but yet we saw him in the first episode; and we saw Wyatt in the first episode as well, but we have not seen his siblings in school. Where are they?

Molly Sullivan was helping with the rehearsal for the Founders Day play, but yet where was her daughter Rosaleen? It doesn’t make any sense..?

From Top to Bottom: the Story of Mr. Gowen

Who else thinks Gowen is getting ready to (metaphorically) drown himself. I have a feeling he’s going to seriously explode by our finale and hurt whoever may be around him, one way or another. What are your theories on that? Who do you think, or what will be, his casualties? Remember we have been warned that there will be multiple cliffhangers by the end of the finale.


Gowen is sinking fast and grasping at straws to stay up above water. The question is: what will he do next?

Rosemary plays substitute teacher for the rest of Elizabeth’s absence and rewrites the Founders Day play.

Bill Avery goes to the Thatcher’s for money to help out his wife.

Abigail and the new pastor become closer as he tells her more about his past.

I won’t be adding any conclusion questions this week, since I put all my questions above in the actual article. I hope you enjoy. :-)

Speculators: it’s your turn to log in to the Fans of Believe Pictures Facebook group and join us in our conversations. I can’t wait to hear your point of view! :-) These articles are just a jumping off point, so if you’re reading this on the website - come see what you’re missing out on!


Questions/thoughts for producers/writers/directors:

How come there are never any holidays celebrated in Hope Valley/Hamilton like Christmas, New Years, Easter, etc? It seemed as if it was around fall by the time we ended last season, or should I say getting close to winter. Don’t they have any kind of fall festivals in Canada?

When watching the show live and/or recorded on digital format, sometimes the actor’s lips are out of sync with what they are saying. Are those the parts that they had to do ADR’s on?

It has been said before on Facebook that pretty much the only reason anything gets cut from an episode is because of time constraints. Who is the one that makes the executive decision on what gets cut in an episode?

Who chose the writing team for this season? And is there a certain process you go through to choose your writers for the shows?

Same question above, except for the directors: is there a process you have to go through to be chosen as one of the directors for an episode, and who chooses the directors for each episode?

Who makes the decision on what makes the final cut in an episode in the editing room?

I have noticed with some episodes there’s more than one writer listed. When that happens and you have to write as a team, do you find it easier to write as a team? Or easier to write separately?

Questions/thoughts for the Hallmark Network:

Why did Hallmark combine so many episodes into two hour episodes this season? Was that just a timeslot decision? It made the season seems so much shorter, and I found that very disappointing.

This group eagerly awaits word on a Season 3! We are grateful for the 10 episodes you gave us this season, Hallmark. Thank you! But we are hoping you will consider making it a longer season if you decide to announce a third season!

Written by Amy J. Falk

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