When Calls the Heart, Season 2 Finale: “With All My Heart” Discussion Article

When Calls the Heart, Season 2 Finale: “With All My Heart” Discussion Article

Written 6/14/15

Ok, you guys are going to have to bear with me on this one! Instead of dividing the two hour season finale into a two part article like I usually do when writing my articles, I am going to do a full article on the entire episode - so it will probably be quite a few pages! I hope you don’t mind… I have a few reasons for doing this: 1) I feel it will be a lot easier to discuss the episode in its entirety in our newer discussion format (there was a lot going on in this episode and this makes it a lot easier! 2) Once I finish the season with you guys, my next discussion article and/or project with Believe Pictures (all though unofficially, of course) will not be until Brian Bird releases his new film, Captive, in September. (Technically, that’s not a Believe Pictures’ film, I know; but I also deal with our producers, directors and writers - all in a non-official capacity, as our description says.) So in the meantime, I will be posting updates when they are given to me and discussing things with you here and there. My current books/projects, which have been on hold for quite some time, will finally get some attention… If I find out something that might interest you guys, it will be passed along to you too - I promise! Speaking of my book projects, I was lucky enough to get home early from my show/book signing in Maple Grove on Saturday night to watch the Finale and chat with some of you. I am grateful for that! :-)

My thoughts on this week’s Producers Journal

It doesn’t look like we have a producer’s journal entry this week. I will look again, but I didn’t see anything. If I missed it somehow, let me know. Hey Mr. Bird, have you given any more consideration to the thought of doing a producer’s journal with something like your Hallmark movie - the Reckoning? Just curious, if it’s even possible.

Amended 6/15/15

Mr. Bird just posted his final producers journal entry on Facebook so let’s take a look here…

Dear Mr Bird,

First off, I would like to congratulate you and everyone you worked with, for a good season, and boy - after that season finale - I sure hope there’s a third season! I know you warned us there would be cliffhangers, but I have to admit - I wasn’t expecting every story line to be a cliffhanger! I’m almost positive that the only story line we actually tied up this season was Lee and Rosemary’s (in fact, they officially began courting!). If Hallmark has not decided on a third season, I am almost afraid that they are going to have a Heartie riot on their hands! :-) ;-). Though I will admit, this season has definitely had its ups and downs, you still have had me glued to the television at times. I actually had to say, “I can’t believe they just did that!” and yes, I know you’ve actually heard me say that in my article :-). As I read through your Producer’s Journal this week, I wholeheartedly agree with your railroad track analogy; so yes, let us look ahead, but not bury our heads in the sand since we know that there are indeed two sides of the tracks. Please give my congratulations to Mr. Landon, as well, and I hope you are enjoying your R&R!


Amy J. Falk

Hope Valley

The Glue that Holds a Town together: the Story of Abigail Stanton

Abigail and Gowen are at it again… There’s no surprise there! (It makes me happy however!) You see, the new pastor is more than happy to step in and help Abigail try to make things work, not just as a pastor - but as a friend (something I think Abigail is in great need of, aside from Elizabeth of course). Funny though, I sort of disagree with the townspeople in a way. I’ve seen maybe three main women as the solid women in the town that hold the town together. Now this is just my personal opinion remember, but I’d like to hear your take on it. What do you guys think? Here’s my thoughts: I think the people who hold Hope Valley together are actually Cat Montgomery from the first season, Florence and Abigail. Do you agree or disagree? Do you have a different list of people when you think of who holds our little town together in times of trouble? They can be from the first season, or this season, or both. I can see why the townspeople might tell the pastor that Abigail is the “glue” though, especially if we would have had a certain deleted scene from the first season… some of us have seen it. If you’re just joining us this season via the CBC channel or Netflix, and missed the first season: “Welcome!” The deleted scene is available on the DVD set, and it tells the story of the day of the mine disaster. It also explains the role of Abigail’s husband more fully. He was Gowen’s right-hand man, which made Abigail almost like the “first lady” of the town.

Abigail and the pastor get closer as they go fishing, and when Abigail wins their fishing contest, the pastor cooks dinner. This is when we learn of the pastor’s outlaw past…. (Wait a minute didn’t somebody say a few articles ago that he might just be an outlaw?? ;-) lol!)

A Mountie Gone Rogue: the Story of Bill and Nora Avery

Uh oh… Bill, it looks like you were almost caught red handed by your superior. Better fess up before you get yourself in worse trouble! I’m glad Nora is finally trying to work things out with him. She seems at least halfway in her right mind (or at least she’s trying to get things straightened out. I fear that Gowen is going to push her over the edge…)

The counterfeit case is reopened. That’s really what you’re going to tell Jack? You think he’s not going to check into it? Really Bill? What do you guys think? Jack is smarter than that. Now that the finale is over, did you really think Jack would actually fall for it? How many of you think that Bill is in league with these counterfeiters? He thinks that one of the counterfeiters is a Mountie. I think the Mountie Bill is talking about it’s actually him. What do you think? I think he is just trying to cover his tracks…

Ok Bill, here’s a tip: when you’re married and your mistress has told you that she wants nothing to do with you because she has found out you’re married, but she forgives you for all that has happened… regardless, it means she still wants NOTHING to do with you! And it means you should go back to your wife, not come back to Abigail’s cafe! Can’t you see how uncomfortable you’re making her? Was anyone else as disgusted as I was when Bill went into Abigail’s cafe out of jealousy once he saw the pastor leaving? Or am I totally and completely alone in this feeling?

Okay, I was not surprised that Nora showed up in Hope Valley. I kind of feel like she’s stalking Bill; because he’s pushed her away already, but she is his wife! I do feel she’s trying to make things right in her own way, so I don’t really blame her. She’s a very confused woman and does need help. What I didn’t see coming is how Gowen is mixed in all this, and that he had feelings for Nora. Who else was blindsided by that? I knew she had a spy, and thought it could be him; but I was blindsided by the whole “Gowen has feelings for her” scenario.

So… Bill is offering the counterfeiter a reward for information. That means he’s dirty, right? Cuz that’s what I’m getting out of this. Am I wrong? Somebody else explain it to me, because then I’m horribly confused!

Oh Nora… you decide to confront Abigail - basing your information on a lie, which of course you don’t know is a lie, but you have no facts to base it on… (Hey wait a minute Heartie admins are in the background at the mercantile! Susan and Camille! You lucky people!) :-) Apparently Nora doesn’t know how much of a snake Gowen is.  I’m really curious about their history together - Nora’s and Gowen’s.  What about you guys?

I am so glad that Abigail decided to confront Bill about the problem, but at the same time I’m afraid the attention she is paying to him (whether good or bad) is just going to encourage his attentions later on. It is after this conversation that he goes directly to his wife and confronts her about what Abigail has told him. As we all saw, Bill tells her again that he wants to break it off between them. I think Bill is still holding out hope for Abigail. I wish he would just move on or get back together with his wife! Abigail has made her intentions clear: that she wants nothing to do with him. She has even told the people around her. It’s time to give up Bill. Deal with it! Because if you don’t, I would say you are needing just as much help as your wife! What’s going on with your professional life? I haven’t quite figured that out yet either.

Gowen threatened Bill - big surprise… I think Gowen made good on that threat by letting Bill’s superior know that he was still working on the counterfeiting case - even after he was told the case was closed. We don’t see a signature on the telegram, but that is just my speculation.

Tug of War of the Heart: the Story of Elizabeth and Jack

As the show begins, we see Jack confront the counterfeiter as he waits for the stagecoach. Elizabeth’s expression as this occurs helps us start to see that there may be an underlying reason for Elizabeth’s persistence and desire for Jack to switch professions so badly - although I believe she could have gone about it in a better way. She will have that chance later, as we will see! These two have to learn how to communicate better or their relationship is never going to work!

All I have to say about this part is, “Yep, you’re right! Jack, I agree. She did make it sound as if you were from two different worlds, and it would never work out. Then she goes and tells Abigail that’s not what she meant, and all she told you is that’s not where she wants to leave it. If she does not explain herself - just as you don’t explain yourself - you are never going to work this out… (Sigh) yet she doesn’t even explain to Abigail!…frustrating! Unfortunately my blog doesn’t let me do red frowning faces for frustration. I guess that’s the child that is still in Elizabeth. How do you feel about Elizabeth not being able to express herself? Do you agree or disagree?

Ok Elizabeth, here’s some advice: I know I’ve been giving it a lot this season, :-) but bear with me here. If you are afraid of the man’s profession, or afraid he might get hurt, then tell him that out right. Don’t tell him to consider your father’s offer, because it might open other doors or create better opportunities - it makes it sound like you don’t respect him for who he is! Ugh! Where is the frustration frowning face when I need it?!?

Man’s best friend who wanders off, brings them together - way to go Rip! :-) When Elizabeth decided to go the other direction in the mine while looking for Rip, I knew that something was going to happen. My guess was actually some sort of mine accident, since they were actually in the mine. I’m just glad that she didn’t get hurt worse! I’m also glad that before Jack and Elizabeth ended up in the opposite direction, she finally got out her true feelings - as did he, for the most part anyway. Why it took this long, I have no clue! Those two really do need to find a better way to communicate! Singing perhaps? :-) We all know they’re good at that, as we saw on Home and Family show the other day on the Hallmark Channel. (Just a side note, by the way, great job Erin and Daniel! That was my favorite song too!) Okay, so now they’re back at Abigail’s. I know they admitted they love each other, but they’re still a little too flirty this time, at least for my taste, but again that’s just my opinion.

Elizabeth gets a letter from Charles. I don’t even want to know what’s in there… :-( She didn’t read it, all though she probably should have. It would have possibly warned us of what was to come next :-(!

Soon we find Jack picking up a secret package that Ned seemed awfully excited about. I don’t think any of us have to guess what might be in there, based on all the rumors that’s been going on and around the internet :-)! Go get your girl!

It’s Not Easy Being Green: the Story of Rosemary and Lee

Is it just me or does Rosemary possibly get even funnier when she’s jealous? Ok, definite spoiler alert for those who have not seen this episode: (and I’m also getting ahead of myself in the article a little bit, but…) Who thought in this first section that when Molly Sullivan was talking to Florence about Lee Coulter asking her to the dance and Rosemary first shows signs of jealousy, believes that this is a set up right from the beginning? I kind of thought so, even before this episode. Do you remembered my last article? I at least questioned it. I was on the fence about Molly and Lee, but later we found out that I was right. Kind of funny actually. It was really nice of Molly to help out Lee like that, giving Rosemary a little “push” as they called it ;-)

Rosemary how can something so difficult be so funny to watch at the same time?! She keeps getting her wires crossed because she is so jealous. Rosie wants to tell Lee how she feels, but at the same time is frightened of her own feelings. The expression on her face is priceless when Lee tells her that he got her editors to allow her to write an expose on Gowen when she completely thought he was going to say something else. I have to give the actor who plays Lee Coulter credit for this one, because those lines would have been very difficult to deliver while watching Rosemary’s facial expressions during that conversation. Pascale Hutton sure knows how to contort her face in the most comical expressions in order to make her character larger than life!

I can’t imagine being allergic to raisin oatmeal cookies, poor Lee! It’s also during this section of the show that I definitely know something’s going on with Lee and Molly, because when Rosemary leaves, Lee’s just looking too mysterious about the whole situation. In light of Lee’s oatmeal raisin cookies allergy, and Rosemary’s oatmeal raisin cookie debacle,I decided to look up in recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies. Here is what I was able to Google for you enjoy!


When the School Bell Rings: the Story of the Hope Valley School Children

After Google search, I found this link to the poem that Elizabeth was reading to the children when Jack came in to fix the window:


Finally we get to see one of my favorite things - a Hope Valley School lesson! :-) Unfortunately it took the season finale to do so!! :-( (On a side note that’s unrelated to school, but something else that has been missing from Hope Valley this entire season… does anyone else miss Elizabeth’s journal entries? I know she’s been seeing her family more often, but that doesn’t mean she needed to stop writing in her journal! I miss them. I thought they taught a lot of good life lessons and summed up the moral values of the show.) Ok, back to our Hope Valley kids: leave it to our little Emily Montgomery to notice the chill in the air between Jack and Elizabeth; but then again who wouldn’t! Did anyone else laugh out loud when Emily made that face that was supposed to mirror Elizabeth? I guess that was supposed to be another lesson in humility, and reminding Elizabeth that she was not alone in that moment and should have tried to hide her feelings a little bit better while she was teaching. :-)

I still have a couple of questions here when it comes to our Coal Valley children, oops! I’m still doing it: our Hope Valley kids, I mean. Anyway… I thought the class picture was a nice touch and a great idea for Jack to do! :-) My only question here is: why is this the only point in the entire season that we have seen more of our Hope Valley children than we have in the rest of the season? For instance, we finally saw Miles Montgomery (Emily’s older brother, or one of them at least..) Gabe and Bo we’re still m.i.a., but we finally did see Rosaleen. Was anybody else disappointed that that was the only time we saw most of our old Hope Valley school children group from Season 1? I know I was very disappointed about this!! And though most of us were already aware that the actress who played Cat Montgomery in Season One was not available for Season 2, there was still no explanation as to why her children were milling about town while she was nowhere to be seen. She had such a huge part in Season 1. I am baffled.

Was anyone else looking forward to Rosemary’s version of the Founder’s Day play, when it was nowhere to be seen? I was, and then I was disappointed when they didn’t even mention it - let alone how it went, especially when last Season it was such a big deal for both the town and the school children.


Spreading Your Wings: the Story of Julie Thatcher

It looks like Julie is finally learning to stand up for herself! Good for her! Yes, I understand that she may be coming off a little bratty, but at least she is telling people what she wants and not letting people push her around. I commend her for that. I’m hoping that if we get a third season, which I am praying for - given the way the finale ended especially, that all of this will push her and Tom Thornton towards Hope Valley. That will eventually, of course, cause a whole group of new problems - I’m sure, but it might be fun. :-) Who do you think Julie is writing to when Viola walks in on her room? Make you bet-  it’s Tom! Either that or Elizabeth, but my guess is Tom. I truly believe she is up to something, and he is helping her… or at least somehow involved whether it be directly or indirectly. I found the way she stood up to Viola very interesting. I think you may have hit a nerve when you asked her if she truly loves Lionel… This could get very interesting! :-) The problem is, we don’t see Julie much more in this episode - other than the fact we see her on a mysterious phone call… Who is the mysterious person on the other end of that line? Tom perhaps? That would be my guess. What’s yours?

The Mischief Makers: My Thoughts about Charles and Viola

Viola, I can’t believe you are telling Charles to tell Elizabeth how he feels. Hopefully he will be too little too late, and so will your plans on getting her back home to Hamilton.

Charles’ proposal?… Really? You have got to be kidding me! Somebody quick go get a dictionary out of Elizabeth’s library and hit him over the head! She could manage to roll him into the pond - nobody would miss him! Poor Jack, if she doesn’t boot Charles out of that school house and tell him she loves Jack in the beginning of Season 3 (here’s hoping there’s a Season 3!), I think I will have to go smash a watermelon in frustration or something. Just when I thought Elizabeth had made her feelings and intentions for Jack completely clear - ugh!


Bill gets arrested.

Julie runs away from home.

Charles proposes.

Rosemary and Lee are together.

Gowen is still up to no good, threatening Bill Avery and threatening to bring Abigail into the mix.

Dirty or not dirty - that is the question when it comes to Mountie Bill Avery.

Abigail finds out Pastor Frank used to be an outlaw.

Rosemary and Lee are now officially courting.

Viola is engaged to Lionel; that is where we last left off in Viola’s storyline.

Last we saw Tom, he left for a new city; and now Julie has run off and her note says she will never return.

There are no conclusion questions in this article due to me leaving all my questions inside the article. Please enjoy.

Speculators: it’s your turn to log in to the Fans of Believe Pictures Facebook group and join us in our conversations. I can’t wait to hear your point of view! :-) These articles are just a jumping off point, so if you’re reading this on the website - come see what you’re missing out on!


Thoughts/Questions to the Producers, Writers, Directors

Before I ask any questions at all here, I personally would like to thank all the producers, directors, writers, cast and crew members, including the makeup team and wardrobe for all their hard work this season! I’ve seen all your photographs, your Twitter and Facebook postings, as well as your Instagram postings. We appreciate all you do for us in making this show. It would not work without you! If When Calls the Heart is indeed granted a Season 3, I hope many of you will be available to return!  Writers and directors - thank you for allowing me the privilege of picking apart, magnifying and speculating about your work. It has been an honor.

There’s been lots of thoughts, comments, questions etc. popping up in my Inbox about as to why the Founders Day play, as well as Elizabeth’s journal entries that were found in Season 1 on a regular basis, but were completely cut out in Season 2. Is there a reason for this? As I said above in the actual discussion article, I found Elizabeth’s journal entries a delightful way to sum up the episode as well as the moral of that particular story for the week. If/when When Calls the Heart does return for a Season 3, is it possible to think about fitting the journal entries back in again? They are missed!

When an episode is ready for editing, how long does it take to edit a particular episode; or do you work on episodes in sets when you edit?

When deciding on wardrobe for a series, how much research goes into that process? Who does this research?

When dealing with the school children in particular, how do you decide which children are going to be in the scene that day?

There were so many unfinished storylines from Season 1 that were never finished in Season 2, or never brought up again for that matter: for instance there was the crush Gabe Montgomery had on a particular young lady that he would not name. Then there was also Wyatt’s invention, or even the budding romance between Wyatt and Gem. Then there was the story of Bo Brady’s father. Did he ever learn to read? Or even Bo Brady himself, and his problems with dyslexia; have they gotten better? Is he thinking about possible higher education? And what about the miner that designed the church and his family, what happened to him? There were so many questions from Season One that I wanted to have answered in Season Two, but they were left hanging. It was a little disappointing. Hopefully you can somehow pick them back up in Season 3, if you get the chance - Lord willing!

Thoughts/Questions to Hallmark Network

Thank you for the beautiful When Calls the Heart ornament you put in your store. We know that you heard us, and we appreciate you listening! We still are patiently… well maybe not so patiently, awaiting the announcement on whether there will be a Season 3..?

Is there any word on whether you will be creating postcards from Hope Valley for your store?

Has there been any thoughts as to creating a When Calls the Heart Christmas or Valentine’s Day special movie event for the Hallmark Channel?

As the admin of Fans of Believe Pictures, I would like to thank you for creating another good season for us. May it continue for many years!

Amy J. Falk

Written by Amy J. Falk

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