When Calls the Heart: Season 2, “Heart of Family” (a.k.a. “Awakenings and Revelations”) Discussion Article

Written 5/25/15

Hello everyone! I’m going to start this article a little bit differently. Well, for starters, let me wish everybody a happy Memorial Day weekend! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, as well as a safe one! We want to take the time to think of all who have served our nation, and thank them - along with their families!

Note to the writers/producers:

Dear Writers and Producers,

I’m a little confused. I am doing my research before I begin the article, and I’m getting different titles for this particular episode - which also makes it difficult for me to pull up an accurate cast list. This episode was listed as “Heart of Family” on Vudu (as of the original date of this article), as well as other digital platforms, but Executive Producer Brian Bird has it listed as: “Awakenings and Revelations” in his producer’s journal for this week. I’m assuming that his producer’s journal is correct, and the titles that I have are incorrect; but I just wanted to make you aware of this issue. I am going with the title that I have listed on my digital platform so that there is no confusion for those people out there on the Internet. Thank you for your understanding, and if I am incorrect in my information, please let me know! Also if there’s any place I can get accurate, full-cast information for each episode for my articles, that would be greatly appreciated. IMDb has not always had the right cast list for the episode listed. I’ve been trying really hard to be as accurate as possible. Thank you, in advance, for your help with this.


Amy J. Falk

My thoughts and/or questions after this week’s producer’s journal entry by Executive Producer Brian Bird:

This week as I give my thoughts on the producer’s journal, I am again going to say thank you for the insight you give us into what it takes to produce and write these shows! I really look forward to reading your insights into each episode every week.

From a viewer’s perspective: if your writers wanted to give the characters a “free will” this week in your scripts - they did a good job! In fact, I think that’s what most of this season has been about. For instance, Elizabeth seems to be realizing for the first time that she is an adult, and can make decisions on her own. Again, this is just my perspective on things… not everybody else’s necessarily. She is taking that new-found freedom in telling everybody what she wants, like telling her parents that she wants to go back to Hope Valley, and that they need to trust her. My only fear in this is that she is going to take this new found freedom and turn it into recklessness. Although we are all human and can do this in our lives, I would hate to see Elizabeth wreck a good thing. Like she said in one of the last episodes, sometimes she gets so focused on something that she doesn’t see what’s right in front of her. I’m beginning to wonder if that’s part of the foreshadowing you seem to love so much..? :-) But then if we’re going to go by that, that would just be my speculation… and I don’t want to start speculating in this part of the blog :-) Let’s just say this viewer is hoping that “free will” does not turn our Elizabeth into a wild child. By that I mean: where she forgets the good things she has in her life in search for better things around the corner, and if she does - I hope there are reminders in there somewhere that there are consequences in every choice that we make. So far, despite her flirtatiousness and daily choices, I have not seen many consequences.

Ok, now that the title confusion has been dealt with, :-) Let’s discuss everything that all of you have been asking me over the past week - as well as the new episode. What do you say? Shall we get started!?

Hope Valley

The Actress and the Sawmill Owner

Haha! Gotta love Rosemary! She doesn’t pull any punches, or should I say: she never gives up a chance to possibly take a bow! :-) She’s already asking Lee to make her a theater. That is absolutely hilarious! And I love how the two men are on the sawmill porch, or at least in the front walkway, talking about Rosemary. She never misses a chance to try and get what she wants. It’s kind of funny :-)

The Sawmill Owner and the Actress

Okay, so now you really got me curious, because this is like the 3rd episode in a row! So I have to ask this question again: (since it hasn’t been answered by anyone, nor has anyone else given their opinion on it) has anyone else noticed the matching outfits between the couples? Specifically between Rosemary and Lee? I’m curious to know. Wardrobe: is that planned? It’s kind of funny in a cute way. It seems almost foreshadowing where you could pick out the couples in the show at times.

Who else loved the date Rosemary planned for her and Lee? Or was it a business deal? I guess I’m not quite sure… ;-) Wardrobe: love the headpiece! Where can I get one? Seriously, where can I get one? I want it! Whoever is writing Rosemary’s part this season: keep doing what you’re doing! I really like her! Those are words I never thought would come out of my mouth! :-) I thought she would permanently be “Nelly Olson” in my mind.

The Shady Mountie

Does anyone else get the distinct impression that Bill Avery is hiding something other than being under cover? I certainly do! The way he is acting… so on edge with Jack.. even after Jack finds out his undercover status. It doesn’t seem right. Then he acts all nice shortly after that - apologizing for his behavior, but still somewhat sketchy… to the point where Jack is even on edge (at least I felt that way). What do you guys think?

I’m with Abigail on this one. I can’t believe Bill had the nerve to even show up at her cafe! Whether he wanted to tell her he was in town himself or not! How would you feel if you were in Abigail’s position? Would you want to know Bill was in town? Or would you rather be ignorant about his brief business and let him get his duty done so he could leave quicker?

A Visitor from Hamilton

How many of you saw this coming a mile away? Okay, you can put your hands down now. We all know that you did! :-) Especially based on all your comments in the past two weeks on the Facebook page. I actually am doing this section last (when writing this article). This week even though you are seeing it in the middle of this article, due to the high volume of conversation we have had on Charles alone in the past 2 weeks, I have not given my opinion much because I wanted to give it here. Some of you already know that in the past I’ve said I feel sorry for Chales. Yes, that was me. I said it. I have felt sorry for Charles. You heard it right, but I no longer feel that way - so don’t worry! :-( He made me mad this week! He was way too persistent! I’m with Elizabeth and Jack on this one. It is no coincidence that her father and Charles have decided to do a logging contract, at least that’s what Jack and Elizabeth seemed to be getting at before they were interrupted by Bill; I’m sure of it!

In case you haven’t been on the Facebook page or haven’t read this yet, you should hear some of the theories that are floating around out there! Join us and let us know what you think…

One of our friends thinks that Charles may be involved with Bill and his schemes, and/or the people that Bill is undercover with. Don’t like that theory???  Here’s another one (and these aren’t even mine!) :-) Someone said that Charles is really in love with Viola. They said that “title is more important than love.” Viola is marrying her fiance because of his title, and instead Charles is settling, or trying to settle, for Elizabeth. My personal feelings are these: I kind of like both theories, but the whole Viola-theory would shock me, to be honest!

My overall feeling about Charles is that he was sent to Hope Valley as a business deal to bring Elizabeth home, and that it had less to do with feelings. I think Elizabeth’s family has sent him out there to woo her to come back home. He may even be paid for it. I no longer feel he’s genuine.

I cannot believe Charles had the audacity to go up to Jack and do the whole fishing analogy. Check out the episode, and you’ll see what I mean … Okay, so maybe I can believe he had the moxie to do that, I just choose not to believe he would. I can’t believe Jack was so calm throughout the conversation. I realize that Jack wants Elizabeth to make her own decisions because she is her own woman, but I also wish he would stand his ground a little more; just as I wish Elizabeth would have when Rosemary came to town.

The School Teacher and her Mountie

Jack and Elizabeth go on a walk after their dinner together. It must have been a cold night, because you can see their breath. They have gorgeous jackets on. :-) I love Elizabeth’s! Awesome pic you guys! Question about Jack’s coat though, we saw it back in Hamilton; and I may have mentioned it then, but I don’t understand how he could afford such an expensive jacket? Just a thought. I’m curious to know where you think the conversation might have gone if Bill had not interrupted Jack and Elizabeth. What are your thoughts?

Saying goodbye to Charles… that should have been a happy day, right…? Right? In this case it seemed more like good gut punch - poor Jack! I think I’ve sat and watched the expression on Jack’s face at least three times now! I can’t believe you kissed him - Elizabeth! Yes, it was only a cheek kiss, but you kissed him! What in the world could you have possibly been thinking? Friend or not, if you have given your heart to another man - that kiss was certainly not appropriate! At least in my opinion. My heart stopped in that moment, and I lost a little bit of respect for Elizabeth as well. On a positive note: I do love your scarf though - great job wardrobe!

The Mountie Who Keeps Secrets

At this point I’m sure Bill is under cover. Now I’m just curious as to why he’s keeping Jack in the dark. I understand you can’t disclose information when you’re under cover, but for some reason or another I feel like he’s keeping Jack at arm’s length. More than that, I think there’s another reason. I think Jack’s right … What are your thoughts on this?

The Hesitant Young Widow

What would you do if you were in Clara’s shoes? Would you have said yes to Luke McCoy, or would you be hesitant as well? I think it is very sweet the way Clara is concerned for Abigail’s feelings, but I am very glad that Abigail convinces Clara that it is ok to move on.

Luke mentions that his father works at the new sawmill ,when he comes to pick up Clara for their date, but I wonder what position his father actually has at the sawmill. Luke just seems like a wealthy young man, or that he comes from a wealthy family. He has the air about him, I guess. What do you guys think of Luke? By the way, wardrobe department: I love the dress that Clara borrows from Elizabeth for her date dress!


Miss Julie’s Secret Romance

Uh oh… Julie and Tom in a car. This can’t be good! And on top of it all, nobody knows because her father is gone!

0h Tom, letting Julie drive? I definitely don’t think this is the best idea you’ve ever had! I absolutely think this is going to spell disaster for the both of you! How did all of you feel about the situation?

In Conclusion

Elizabeth says goodbye to Charles in a very unsuspecting way.

Rosemary and Lee become closer as he promises to build her theater.

We wait to find out what happens when Tom Thornton decides to give Julie a driving lesson in Hamilton.

Clara begins to settle in as a new resident of Hope Valley, and Luke sets his eyes on her.

Bill finds his cover blown by Jack Thornton, so what will happen next? We are waiting to find out…

Speculators: it’s your turn to log in on the Fans of Believe Pictures Facebook group and join us in our conversations. I can’t wait to hear your point of view! :-) These articles are just a jumping off point, so if you’re reading this on the website - come see what you’re missing out on!


Conclusion questions

Now that Bill Avery’s cover has been blown by Jack, what do you think will happen next?

Do you think Bill Avery is hiding something else from Jack, other than his undercover work?

How do you think Jack will react to Elizabeth’s kiss with Charles?

What are your thoughts on Jack’s advice that he gave Charles about fishing?

Written by Amy J. Falk

The cast list from IMDb seems to be incomplete. If you would like to look up cast members, you may look them up at imdb.com or Google them.

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