Fans of Believe Pictures Travel Journal By: Amy J. Falk

Fans of Believe Pictures

Travel Journal

By: Amy J. Falk

Destination: Hearties  family reunion 2016

 I've been given the rare opportunity to go to Vancouver this December and be part of the ‪#‎HEARTIES‬ the convention which is the group that has supported “When Calls the Heart”, I have been a part of this group since it was first founded. It is a fan based group that spread the word about a fabulous TV show on the Hallmark Channel which was created by producer and writer Brian Bird and producer, writer,and director Michael Landon Jr. We as a group promote the show. In addition to this most of you already know about my group Fans of Believe Pictures, my group deals with all of the movies that that are written , directed, and or produced by Michael Landon Jr. and Brian Bird. Creating this group after the first season of “When Calls the Heart” on the Hallmark Channel has been my pleasure, I was invited along with several other #HEARTIES from literally around the world to join them in Vancouver and meet the writers producers and directors of “When Calls the Heart”. For me this is a dream come true, this means meeting the people that have influenced me to become a writer face to face and I'm thankful to my family who have been so supportive of everything, as well as my friend, this is really a dream come true! Don't worry for those of you that keep track of I will be representing both groups while I am in Canada. In this group you will see my entire journey, pictures, notes, and everything in between. :-) and don't forget to pass along the word about

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